Are E Cigarettes A Healthier Alternative to the Real Thing

e cigarettes kitIt is common knowledge that cigarettes are bad for you. Studies have shown that they can cause cancer, emphysema, breathing problems, and birth defects. Knowing everything that we do about smoking, its hard not to ask, “why do we still smoke”. There can be many answers to that question but the best answer is that it is an addiction, an addiction to nicotine. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get that nicotine that we crave without the risk to our health? Thanks to electronic cigarettes, we finally can.

An electronic cigarette contains liquid nicotine. When you inhale on the cigarette, the nicotine heats up and turns into a e-liquid vapor. Electronic cigarettes work the same way as a real cigarette does because the vapor delivers the nicotine into your body the same way smoke does.
One huge advantage that e cigs have over a cigarette is that there are no toxins in the e cigs vapor as there are in smoke from a cigarette. When smoking e-cigs, you are not damaging your lungs and you are also not subjecting those around you to second hand smoke.

When you smoke a cigarette, the smell of the smoke sticks to you and it tends to stink. The e-cigs vapor does not have an odor so you will no longer smell like a smoker. Cigarettes can also yellow your teeth and your fingers. This will no longer be an issue with the e-cigarette.
Many public places these days do not allow you to smoke. If you are smoking e-cigs, you can smoke them in public because you are not exposing the public to the toxins of cigarette smoke. When you smoke e-cigs, you no longer have to stand out in the cold to smoke.

You may think that e cigarettes kits will not be like the cigarettes that you smoke now. This is not true. The electronic cigarette comes in the same flavors that you smoke now. The e cigarette also comes in the same strength that you smoke now. Whether you enjoy regular or menthol, or full strength or lite, you can find e cigarettes to fit your taste.

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Considering that you can prevent yourself and those around you from getting sick from cigarette smoke, why not try an e cigarette. Trying could change your life.

Why Drug Testing is Important

drug testiAccording to Drug-Free Workplace Act, employees require no explicit drug testing procedures in their workplaces. Even some states prohibited this practice and a federal employer can only exercise it with special requirement permissions. But, cases are not the same for private employers. They granted this drug testing right that includes a wide range of substances. Employers need to get themselves familiarized with applicable state & federal laws before adopting any drug testing program.

Imagine you are an employer & you want to test your staffs, then you need to have apparent reasons that support your cause. Let’s find out a few legitimate motives-

  • Detecting any person with drug issues
  • To ensure safety of the employees
  • To claim the healthcare compensation benefits
  • Rehabilitation of the employees
  • To maintain a drug-free environment

Some promotional things need to be carried out if you are to implement your drug testing policy in the company. We might suggest some-

  • Prevent hiring any person who is a drug addict
  • Discourage the staffs from this practice
  • Improve the workplace safety
  • Promote customer safety

The Drug Testing Procedure

In common, the process start with a blood test. In some cases, hair samples are also taken for accurate results. But, the urinalysis is the most preferred method and the cheapest around too. However, some illegal drugs require special detection test rather than these common techniques.

What to do if Positive?

An employee with a positive result in the drug tests may undergo punishment or even termination depending upon the charges. Of course, when not found guilty, the employee can  charge a defamation case for wrongful accusations. If the company is investing on reliable drug tests & ensuring test permission, then there is no need to be concerned.

Accurate Test Design

In order to analyze  & administer drug test results,the company must choose a laboratory that is certified by NIDA (National Institute Of Drug Abuse).When accuracy & reliability is the main concern, only the competent laboratory can assure the safety of the company from defamation charges. Some labs don’t test every category of drugs, so it is important for the company to select one that is capable of testing a wide range of drugs.

Split sample methods are very effective. In this method only a small portion of the specimen will be tested initially while they will preserve the rest of it for future analysis.  This step opens the options for re-testing if any question of accuracy arises.

As an employer you should have all the basic knowledge of the test procedures. You have to remember that error free & accurate results can render better outcome.

Being aware of the potential for false positives is equally important as well. It is seen that even counter medications yield positive results at times.

It is mandatory for the tests to include safeguards against fraud. Only the NIDA certified labs can provide fraud prevention techniques for the employers.

Drug testing in workplaces has become a modern practice &it is getting huge popularities day by day.


3 Steps to Quit Smoking for Good

e-cigaretteAre you ready to give up smoking once and for all? This habit kills millions of people every year. It’s actually the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. Yet, about one in five Americans smokes cigarettes regularly, and more than 16 million suffer from smoking-related diseases. Studies have linked cigarette smoking to an increased risk of lung cancer, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, stroke, blindness, erectile dysfunction, and arthritis.

The health effects of smoking should not be overlooked. Not to mention the expenses involved. So, here are three steps to stop smoking for good:

Identify Your Triggers

Decide why you want to quit smoking in the first place. Try to determine what triggers the urge to smoke. Do you feel the need to do it when you’re alone or in social settings? Are there certain people or activities associated with smoking? Do you reach for cigarettes when you’re anxious or stressed out? The whole idea is to identify your triggers so you can avoid them in the future.

Make a Plan

The next step is to determine whether you want to go cold turkey or quit smoking gradually. Both strategies have pros and cons. About 90 percent of people give up this habit without therapy or medications. However, going cold turkey isn’t necessarily the most effective method. If you decide to quit gradually, there are plenty of NRT products to help you. These include nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, and nasal sprays.

Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

One of the best ways to quit smoking is using electronic cigarettes (check out our best e cigarette pick). These devices are cheaper and safer than traditional cigarettes, featuring a wide range of flavors like cherry, vanilla, and peach. Since they produce vapor instead of ash, smoke, and tar, you may use them in bars, clubs, and public places. E-cigarettes run on lithium batteries and come in different strengths.

In addition to these smoking cessation methods, you may try counseling, medications, self-help quitting programs, and hypnosis. Most people quit smoking by using e cigarettes or NRT products along with psychotherapy.

Different Ways to Treat Warts

Warts before removalThere are millions of people around the world that have warts on their skin. These warts are a minor skin condition that can make you feel embarrassed in front of other people. Some warts can have a similar appearance to moles, but unlike moles they are non cancerous. These warts can show up on just about any area on the body. If you have warts chances are you are trying to find different things you can do to remove them.

In this article I’m going to go over some of the most common removal methods you can use to get rid of warts. Before you do anything you need to go to the doctor first and get the warts checked. Many times warts will look like other skin conditions. You have to know for sure you’re dealing with a wart before you start to treating it as such. There are numerous doctors and dermatologists out there that specialize in identifying warts and removing them. These professionals will determine if you have a wart by taking a sample of your blood.

If you know for certain you have a wart then there are many ways to treat the problem. If you go to a doctor or dermatologist they’ll most likely recommend over the counter products that contain sacylic acid. The acid will burn away the warts from your skin, but if you have sensitive skin it could leave a mark behind. Another method doctors use to remove warts is freezing it away with a solution like liquid nitrogen.

Another way doctors will remove warts is by using laser procedures. These procedures work by passing the laser beam over the top layer of your skin where the warts are situated. Once the beam of the laser passes over the top layer of your skin it will kill the blood cells that supply blood to the warts. Most of the time no anesthesia is required during these removal procedures.

If medical treatments aren’t something you’re interested in you can give home remedies a try. These home remedies are cheap to use and they have less a chance of leaving behind scars. One of the most popular ways to remove warts at home is to use duct tape. You simply cut a piece of the tape big enough to cover the entire area that’s been affected and keep it in position over night. When you wake up in the morning remove the tape and scrub the area with an emery board. Applying some tea tree oil to the affected area can also help too.

Best Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

hair loss cycleThere are various treatments that can be used to treat hair loss. Most people don’t know that natural treatments can provide some of the best results when it comes to promoting hair growth. Of course, there are medications and surgical procedures that can be used to produce similar results. However, these treatment procedures can leave behind scars and cause other unpleasant side effects.

The basis for treating your hair loss naturally is to eat healthy. When you eat healthy foods your hair will have much more potentially to grow in a healthy way. Believe it or not, the types of foods you consume daily will play a key role in how healthy your hair is. Without the proper nutrition your hair won’t be able to grow properly.

The types of foods you should eat more of on a daily basis are high protein foods that are low in carbs, and have a low amount of fat. Some of these foods include walnuts, tuna, spinach, and sunflower seeds. By eating foods like these on a daily basis you’ll be able to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

If your diet doesn’t include enough B vitamins you can also expect to experience some level of hair loss. When it comes to healthy hair growth you need to consume more vitamin B rich foods such as chicken, soybeans, liver, and fish. If you can’t get these nutrients in your daily diet then you can take vitamins and supplements.

Other than consuming the right amount of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients daily you can also make use of herbal remedies. Using herbs to prevent hair loss and promote natural hair growth has been around for many years. One of the most popular herbs used to stop hair loss and promote hair growth is saw palmetto. Many studies have been done using saw palmetto to see how effective it is.

This herb works by inhibiting the activity of DHT, which is the main cause of male or female pattern baldness. By taking saw palmetto you can inhibit the activity of the DHT hormone causing your hair follicles to stop reproducing.

Another herb that’s very popular is nettle. Nettles contain great nutrition that will stop the production of DHT and help your hair grow more effectively. Other herbs that are used for treating hair loss naturally include rosemary, ginger, green tea, and horsetail.

There are definitely other treatment methods available that can help hair loss sufferers. The natural treatments listed in this article are only a small portion of the amount of different options there are available. However, a healthy diet and lifestyle should be the backbone of your hair loss treatment regimen.