Are E Cigarettes A Healthier Alternative to the Real Thing

e cigarettes kitIt is common knowledge that cigarettes are bad for you. Studies have shown that they can cause cancer, emphysema, breathing problems, and birth defects. Knowing everything that we do about smoking, its hard not to ask, “why do we still smoke”. There can be many answers to that question but the best answer is that it is an addiction, an addiction to nicotine. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get that nicotine that we crave without the risk to our health? Thanks to electronic cigarettes, we finally can.

An electronic cigarette contains liquid nicotine. When you inhale on the cigarette, the nicotine heats up and turns into a e-liquid vapor. Electronic cigarettes work the same way as a real cigarette does because the vapor delivers the nicotine into your body the same way smoke does.
One huge advantage that e cigs have over a cigarette is that there are no toxins in the e cigs vapor as there are in smoke from a cigarette. When smoking e-cigs, you are not damaging your lungs and you are also not subjecting those around you to second hand smoke.

When you smoke a cigarette, the smell of the smoke sticks to you and it tends to stink. The e-cigs vapor does not have an odor so you will no longer smell like a smoker. Cigarettes can also yellow your teeth and your fingers. This will no longer be an issue with the e-cigarette.
Many public places these days do not allow you to smoke. If you are smoking e-cigs, you can smoke them in public because you are not exposing the public to the toxins of cigarette smoke. When you smoke e-cigs, you no longer have to stand out in the cold to smoke.

You may think that e cigarettes kits will not be like the cigarettes that you smoke now. This is not true. The electronic cigarette comes in the same flavors that you smoke now. The e cigarette also comes in the same strength that you smoke now. Whether you enjoy regular or menthol, or full strength or lite, you can find e cigarettes to fit your taste.

Getting this excellent alternative to cigarettes is easy. Simply click on our electronic cigarette UK website, you can find starter kits, cartridges, and chargers for your cigarettes.
Considering that you can prevent yourself and those around you from getting sick from cigarette smoke, why not try an e cigarette. Trying could change your life.