Gum Disease Linked To Overall Health

ozonizer and waterpik
It’s a two-way street: Evidence shows that poor oral health negatively impacts your overall health. And bad overall health often manifests itself as gum disease. That’s why it’s essential that you keep your gums and your whole body healthy. Still, so many people don’t understand this, and that’s why so many people allow gum disease to fester untreated for years.

If food routinely get stuck in the pockets of loose material around your teeth, you may have gum disease. When gums are healthy and teeth are clean, gums stick tightly to teeth and not much can get in. But when gums don’t adhere right to your dirty or decayed teeth, pockets of bacteria can develop, and that’s the same kind of bacteria that’s linked to heart disease and so many other conditions.


Brush Your Gums For Overall Health!

Brushing your gums is an important part of a complete oral health routine. To do that correctly, brush your gums with a soft brush and water only or just a little of your homemade toothpaste. Gently brush into your gums in a circle motion, allowing bacteria from any shallow pockets to be pulled out and rinsed away. Then, put on more toothpaste and brush your teeth. Finish with flossing to get the stuff that brushing just can’t get to.

Doing this is essential because your organ health can be negatively impacted by gum disease. The bacteria in the pockets in your gums are oxygen-hating anaerobic bacteria — the same kind that’s linked with heart disease. That means that clean gums could help you avoid heart problems. There’s also a strong link between this bacteria and other kinds of organ health issues.

Still, you can’t completely clean your teeth at home, and clean teeth are essential to health gums and eliminating pockets. That’s why many dentists perform deep scaling procedures on those with gum disease and very dirty teeth. These procedures are painful and may need to be repeated frequently.


Make An Ozonizer Part Of Your Life

A smart way to reduce the bacteria present in diseased gums is to flood them with oxygen. Oxygen kills the bacteria so the gums can heal and reattach properly to teeth. An innovative way to do that is with a combination of a Waterpik and an O3 machine called an Ozonizer. When you use the Ozonizer to add oxygen to the water you use to clean your teeth, you’re adding bacteria-killing power to the water.

Dr. Vinograd has promoted this method for years. Simply purchase any Waterpik machine with a reservoir — not a travel model — then buy an Ozonizer machine with Corona discharge that can handle 1000 mg per hour and use where well ventilated. This size will allow you to oxygenate in 15 minutes enough water to clean your teeth.

These machines are less expensive than they used to be and less expensive than you might imagine. While they were once thousands of dollars, now they’re affordable on just about any kind of budget. And when used regularly, you can see pocket reduction by 2 millimeters or more — and that will actually save you thousands in future dentist visits.

Get your Ozonizer at And talk to a dentist to make sure you’re doing all you can about periodontal disease so you can maintain good overall health.

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