Dr. Vinograd Moved From Alpha Dental To Serve You Better

You asked for a better array of services, a better location and easier access, and Dr. Daniel Vinograd is pleased to serve you better than ever. His commitment to always doing the best possible job for his clients really shows at the beautiful new state-of-the-art facility that his practice now calls home. Designed especially for him and his clients like you, it’s everything you could want in a dental office and more.

At his new San Diego holistic dental office, Dr. Vinograd provides non-toxic, biocompatible dental services in pleasant surroundings that will help put you at ease. Even if you’ve been injured or turned off by other dentists, you can visit Brighton Gentle Dental with complete confident — knowing everyone there is committed to your comfort and your overall health.

So where is the new place? That’s easy. When Dr. Vinograd moved from Alpha Dental, he only moved three miles down the road — to a charming and elegant new dentist’s office with plenty of FREE parking and easier freeway access than before. The details — including the new phone number you need to make your appointment — are:

Brighton Dental San Diego

(619) 630-7174

10450 Friars Road Suite G

San Diego, CA 92120 (map)


You Benefit: Dr. Vinograd Moved From Alpha Dental

Today, Dr. Vinograd’s decades of experience and extensive educational background are available to you at Brighton Dental. And so are a complete array of modern dental practices, including digital x-rays that expose you to less radiation than before and can be stored easily so they never become lost or disorganized.

Dr. Vinograd’s new office at Brighton Dental also uses diagnostic lasers to get you answers about your tooth problems quicker than you ever thought possible. If a filling is necessary, injection-free fillings and no-drill fillings are possible when prescribed.

And because Dr. Vinograd is a holistic dentist, he uses only non-toxic, mercury-free materials for bridges, onlays, crowns and fillings. That means fillings are always tooth-colored, and other materials are always biocompatible and don’t result in toxins being released in your body.

Because Dr. Vinograd knows how important your looks are to you, he installs Invisalign braces, performs safe and effective teeth whitening procedures and can put on porcelain veneers for you that will restore a more youthful and healthy appearance to your smile — or make it look better than it ever has.

Remember: Dr. Vinograd Is At Brighton Dental

If you want a dentist who has been committed to mercury-free fillings for decades, choose Brighton Dental. If you want a USC-educated dentist who teaches for his alma mater, choose Brighton Dental. If you want a committed professional who serves his patients, serves his community and serves the world through dental mission trips, choose Brighton Dental. And if you want the choice of communicating with your dentist in English or Spanish, choose Brighton Dental.

Dr. Vinograd moved from Alpha Dental to Brighton Gentle Dental to serve you better. Won’t you call now to schedule your appointment so you can come see the new facility?

Further details available at: http://besttoothpaste.net/fluoride-free/alpha-dental/

What Is A Detox Foot Patch?

by , CEO, Wise Choice Health, Inc

The Benefits of Foot Detox Pads: Science says They Work

The modern person is often assaulted by a toxic burden from our polluted environment; unavoidable toxins from the water, food and the air we breathe. After all, poisons are everywhere; in fact, the majority of food consumed by the ordinary person contains chemicals, toxins, additives and other artificial substances that can harm the human body. The accumulation of these toxins leads to loss of energy, illnesses, back pains and our overall body performance slows down.

With regular cleansing, or body detoxification as many call it, you can reverse the damage and keep your body organs functioning smoothly. People use different methods to detoxify their bodies and get rid of the accumulated toxins. A detox diet, though a common detoxification method, can be rough on some people. Fortunately, you do not have to force your body adapt a rigorous detox diet. That’s because you can always use foot detox pads to achieve the same effect; body detoxification.

What are detox foot pads?

These are adhesive detox foot patches that naturally suck toxins from your body while you sleep. You wear them by simply attaching the pads to the sores of your feet. Toxins will be drawn right out of you.

How do they work?

Most feet pads contain natural detox ingredients such as a mix of plants, herbs, wood vinegar and other ingredients that help remove toxins from your body, but how exactly?

In the case of BodyPure 2x Detox Foot Pads, you place them on the central-anterior area of the sole of the foot—an area that connects to the liver, kidney and spleen. The natural herbs interact with your body and emit far infrared energy; as a result, the natural excretion process is accelerated. In addition, the energy helps the body remove toxins at a faster rate through the pores.
When toxins are removed, proper circulation in the body is achieved and the various body processes increase in efficiency. Some people wear the foot pads on different body parts as long as high amount of blood is flowing through them. However, the feet have proven to be the most effective place to wear the foot pads.

Is the effect of using a detox foot pad instant?

Many people, usually, report feeling changes in their bodies within the first few days of using them. As a matter of fact, the white pads will turn filthy gray by morning, a clear indication that the pad has removed toxins from your body. But you should not be concerned if you don’t feel any noticeable change within the first few days. As long as the foot pads have a filthy gray discoloration, believe that your body is eliminating toxins.

As days go on, you will discover that the pads are less discolored in the morning. This shows that the amount of toxins in your body is beginning to reduce. The full effect of the foot detox pads, however, kicks in after around 30 days though many people have reported immediate improvement in their overall well-being within the first week of using them.

Benefits of using detox foot pads

Now, we all know the health benefits of natural detoxification; we prevent premature aging and diseases after reducing the toxin levels in our bodies. These are the same benefits that are enjoyed by those who use detox foot pads. BodyPure detox pads, for instance, provides relief for those people who have joint pains, have trouble sleeping, fatigue easily and experience high levels of stress. Here’s a brief overview of the benefits;

  • Help lift depression and reduce stress
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve energy levels
  • Diminish headaches and arthritis pain
  • Enhance circulation
  • Treats skin rashes
  • Boost the immune system, and many more

But detox pads are scam…

Well, maybe you are skeptical about using pads due to this statement you read on various blogs on the Internet. So here is a proof that the detox foot patch works.

  • First, the visual proof after using the foot pads is credible; that we cannot argue about. The improvements reported by various users cannot be planned. I mean, users live in different parts of the world—America, Europe, Asia, you name it—so the chances that they are lying are next to zero.
  • Multiple samples of used foot pads were analyzed by SRC Analytical Lab, a highly accredited Environmental laboratory. They discovered traces of heavy metals such as mercury, Arsenic and nickel among others.
  • Some scientists decided to analyze the hair of people before and after using the detox foot pads. They discovered that toxin levels were higher before people used the foot pads.
  • Foot pads were shown to promote healing and relaxation processes. That’s because a scientific study showed that foot pads increase the amount of alpha brain waves. In addition, Japan scientists discovered that the pads quicken circulation, thus enhancing detoxification of the body.

And the list could go on and on.

Be wary…

Cheap, fake detox foot patches are widely sold in the market. They contain lower quality or harmful substances that yield unsatisfactory results or even worse, harm your body. When purchasing detox foot pads make sure the pads you take home do not contain synthetic and artificial ingredients.

Proven and tested foot pads provide the best way to hit the ‘restore factory settings’ button on your body. That’s because they help reset the body to natural health and complete freedom from toxins, the way it should be naturally. You’ll find that foot pads provide one of the easiest, cheapest and natural ways in promoting your overall health condition.

BodyPure2x Pads

With a growing multitude of health products, it takes a tested product with amazing results to stand out. Body pure detox pads have surely jumped that block. Sure, the pads deserve to get the attention. Figure this; they are made of genuine natural detox ingredients, and boast a 2x the active ingredients of any detox pad in the market. They contain bamboo extract that contain rich minerals with strong absorption capabilities that fasten the elimination process. In addition, they contain tourmaline, a mineral that enhances the cell’s functions and promotes healing.

Grab for yourself a body pure detox pad as it will help you return to your full potential; you will feel happier and better overall.

foot patch together

A Foot Detox Skeptic

Writing on foot detox is a hard thing to do for a writer because when it comes to its production, purchase and use, it means different things to different people. I believe I am going to hurt some people with this article. Though I do not mean to let anybody down, I believe many people will end up reading this. Therefore, I do not want them to be misled. I will write on the pads from my perspective of and belief in them.

What are Foot Patches?

They are a foot patch containing wood vinegar and other materials. They are attached to the soles of the feet when sleeping at night to stimulate the pressure points and open them up to remove the toxins present in the body via the feet. Toxicity is the root cause of some ailments in the body, and when toxin is in abundance, it results in adrenal fatigue and other ailments such as depression of the immune system, causing the immune system to be vulnerable to other harmful microorganisms and viruses.

The foot detox pads were introduced into the market to help remove, or at least reduce, the toxins in the body before they overload the two primary organs of toxic elimination (liver and kidney). The early manufacturers of these pads believed they would remove toxins from your body and help you come off diseases and ailments caused by a high level of toxins in your body. The pads work by causing the feet to sweat and excrete fluid which is absorbed into the patches, making the pads become lighter and appear darker in the morning, while the lightening is correlated with feeling better.

The flop from fake manufacturers

Different companies feature different trees; those they should use and those they shouldn’t have. That was the downfall of foot detox pads. The motive to make money led many companies to start the production of fake toxin removal pads. This kept multiplying, while each manufacturer claimed their own as “the best”.

Presently, there are still a few manufacturers of foot detox pads such as “Takara”, “Kinoki”, “Chikusaku”, and “Nova” etc. Some of the pads produced had fillers and some did not. They were all manufactured to make a difference for those with various ailments such as fibromyalgia, inflammation, joint pain, chronic illnesses, migraines, etc. But did they all stand the test of a gentle push?

Do Foot Detox Pads work?

This is a question that demands a valid and honest answer. Yes! Some of them still work, but only a very few of them. Though there is no scientific proof for this answer, you would actually be able to see visual evidence of the toxins soaked up by the patches. This alone is not enough evidence however; seeing the toxins sink into the patches should be coupled with feeling better, which few folks I interviewed testified to. It is paramount that your body becomes detoxified. That is when it works! Seeing the toxins soaked in the pads or becoming darker and lighter does not indicate effectiveness, not until you see changes in your own body.

Market witnessed the production of fake products, while the vast number of affiliate blogs led to the selling of these poorly produced detox pads to people. It was the complaints of these people which led to the banning of the pads. To be truthful, we should not use the flop of one product to generalize the whole when it comes to health. What should have happened to enable the whole world to identify quality products is a careful evaluation and an in-depth research on each individual product. But who will blame the government when the manufacturers were just multiplying every day? It would have being a waste of funds and time for the government.

Now, you can either believe the detox patch works and go for one.. or avoid buying one. No one will blame you for this. After all, foot pads are not the only methods of detoxification. There are several measures, such as the cleansing of your living environment, the reduction of your daily exposure and consumption of toxic compounds, purging and regular intake of water, sweating, timely urinating and defecating, etc.

How to identify quality Foot Detox Pads

As it stands now, I believe there are just two ways to identifying quality detox pads:

  1. Recommendation from a trusted person: There are quite a good number of websites out there claiming to sell the best products. There are also many reviews written on these websites but not all of them are truthful. Therefore, recommendation received by a friend, colleagues or any of your family members can enable you to choose the best pads out there. This does not only enable you choose the best, but also saves you from wasting your hard-earned dollars on fake and poorly produced foot pads.
  2. Trial by error: Foot detox pads prices range from 15-30 dollars. It’s a big amount, but you may decide to give one a try to see if it works or not. If it works fine, good, and if it doesn’t, you may want to try from another manufacturer or let it go. You may eventually identify the best after trying two or three products from different sources. This may be hard to do, considering that you may end up spending your money foolishly, but since research, which should include how each pad is manufactured, the ingredients used during its manufacture, and, most of all, the person or company promoting the product, is not embarked upon by the government, I believe you don’t have more than these two options. It’s my candid opinion.

There are a few foot detox pads that work fine (www.bodypure.com), but there are others capable of causing problems to your health. My advice is that you go for pads that neither have fillers nor pose any risk to safety. You should only purchase detox pads that have been tested for skin irritations, are free from designated microbial species and are safe and free from microorganisms.

The vast multiplication of online stores and fake foot detox pads makes purchasing quality products daunting but calling my points to mind will enable you to make the best choice – and at the end of the day, if we can really get a ‘spa treatment’ while we sleep, why not give it a shot?

To purchase detox foot patches, visit: www.bodypure.com or http://footpatches.com

detox patch spa

The Only Non-Chemical Alternative.. Is Homemade ToothPaste

The majority of toothpastes (even the fluoride free toothpaste) are full of chemicals. Dr. Vinograd blogs about the pitfalls, and then shares his “secret”, homemade formula for… the BEST Toothpaste. It may be a little less convenient, but there is nothing offered commercially that can compare to this homemade toothpaste.


Read More About Holistic Dentist San Diego, Dr Vinograd, DDS: http://besttoothpaste.net/fluoride-free/holistic-dentist-san-diego/

Gaining Botox certification in Los Angeles

Dr. Katz's Los Angeles ClassIf you want to gain your Botox certification quickly and easily, then there is no better way to do it than through the Dentox training program created by the world renown Botox expert Dr Howard Katz. For the last forty years, Dr Howard Katz has worked hard at ensuring that the very best tools and techniques are used for patients who wish to receive Botox – to the extent that he now owns the majority of the patents used within the industry, and he has worked closely with various pharmaceutical companies in order to create the absolutely perfect chemicals for Botox use. His passion for Botox, however, does not stop there. In the last decade of his career Dr Howard Katz has focused more and more on Botox certification, and instructing those who wish to receive their Botox training in the most effective way possible. That has led to the Dentox training course.

Occurring over just one day so that the dental professionals who take it do not have to waste too much of their working week, the Dentox training course has been purposefully designed for dental health professionals, building on the huge amount of experience and knowledge that they already have through their use of injectables and their familiarity with the face. Dr Howard Katz uses this knowledge in order to skip the most basic parts of the training, and move straight on to the new elements that the dentists will need to learn. By having live patients at the training day in Los Angeles so that attendees can immediately start to use the new skills that they have learned, the Dentox program really is like no other.

For any dental health professionals who wish to learn from Dr Howard Katz through his Dentox training course, just ensure that you are able to attend his Los Angeles training course.

More about the program: www.dentox.com/botox-training-los-angeles

Offering a variety of fillers in New York

Facial Map - NY CourseAs a medical practitioner, you always want to be able to give your patients as many different options as possible, so that they can feel confident that they are choosing the option that is right for them – part of the reason that Dr Howard Katz, the expert behind the Dentox training program which will be offering Botox certification to New York dentists, includes dermal filler training in his course. This is especially true when it comes to cosmetic surgery that is going to alter – in some cases drastically – the way that a person looks. When it comes to dermal fillers there are two main popular dermal fillers that the majority of patients decide are the right call for them, and these are Radiesse and Juvederm.

Strangely enough, Radiesse is predominantly comprised of calcium hydroxylapatite, which is naturally found within our bones. When you use it as part of a dermal filler treatment you will find that it comes in a gel format, designed in order to be able to give more volume to the skin, and give both the feeling and appearance of smoother skin. What so many patients love about Radiesse is that it has shown in some trials that the dermal filler itself has naturally started to encourage the growth of natural collagen, helping the body to increase its natural elasticity and strength.

Juvederm, on the other hand, is a different kind of chemical primarily formed from an acid called hyaluronic acid. This too is a kind of chemical that is often found in the skin and connective tissues, and so is the perfect sort of chemical for a medical professional to offer to a patient who wants to be able to have stronger and healthier skin and collagen. Juvederm is often used for patients who wish for plumper lips and more filled lip lines, and any side effects that are experienced by the patients will disappear after two weeks.
Talking through the different options that your patients can experience will help them to choose what is best for them, so ensure that you get all the training you can from Dr Howard Katz, the dermal filler expert.

Course Information: www.dentox.com/botox-training-new-york

Kitchen Fire Restoration

Dental Implants

The Advantages of Holistic Dentistry

Often times people wonder what holistic dentistry is. We’ll it is the care of teeth and gums with the consideration of the entire body’s health. Contemporary research shows that there is a connection between the state of your general health and your dental health. The most ubiquitous example is that people with gum problems have a high probability of suffering from heart diseases. Apart from their general functionality teeth are also regarded overly important for the entire body’s protection.This proves the notion that whenever an individual has oral or dental infections, there is a greater risk of triggering other diseases in other areas of the body. Much as this may not happen immediately, everyone should take caution as in the longer run the impact on every other part of the body may be severe.

Many a holistic dental expert has also questioned the use of fluoride, a product widely used and by far considered to be the most favorable in prevention of cavities. The focal point on this being on the possible health issues posed by using fluoride materials, especially in drinking water. Thanks to the strong stance on these health issues point out, researcher and controversial mainstream doctors alike are now admitting that fluoride may not be as safe as earlier presumed. Should you be interested in holistic dental services, seek holistic dentists in areas near you. Those living in larger cities should not find it a hustle locating these practitioners. However, you may have to travel a further distance to find one if you live in remote areas. An ardent relief though, you can never miss out on these holistic minded services as they are now as many as other alternative practitioners. Everyone should note that the bus does not stop at finding and subscribing to the holistic dentist. As an individual, you should also take caution on what dental products you use and what daily practices you indulge your precious teeth in. It is naturally important to brush and floss every day. When brushing, make sure you reach every area of your teeth. It is preferable to brush thoroughly and in a circular motion. For convenience, it is advisable to use a water pik or electric toothbrush.

The other organ in the mouth that should not be taken for granted is the tongue. Anyone can get clues about their general health from the appearance of the tongue. A healthy tongue is smooth in texture, moist in appearance and pink in color. An extremely red tongue is an alarm that there may be something wrong with one’s health. Other obvious signs may also be, white coating or any kind of sore in the tongue. At a mere glance on your tongue, holistic dentists can tell you more about your health. Other than brushing clean your teeth, you should also scrape your teeth to ensure hygiene. Diet as a factor that cannot be ignored can have adverse dental health effects to an individual or better yet, contribute to the overall well-being of one’s health. It is common knowledge that sugar is not healthy for the teeth. These may include but not limited to extra sweet beverages, soda, sports drinking and last but not least fresh juices. To guarantee some percentage of oral health, it is advisable eating fresh fruits to drinking fresh juices with higher sugar concentration.

Holistic dental care is a blend between practicing good daily healthy and habits, finding a holistic dentist who takes pride in holistic dentistry, preventing and keeping your teeth and gums clean.

More at http://sandiegodentist.org

Dental Amalgam Removal

Root Canals

Tooth Extractions