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Our teeth are not separate from our bodies; like every other part of us, they are connected to our entire anatomy. The health of your teeth has an impact on your overall well-being, and dental problems can contribute to other health problems, particularly cardiovascular disease. Similarly, health problems, such as diabetes and nutritional deficiencies can have a detrimental effect upon the teeth and gums.

Although medical and dental sciences have both acknowledged the link between the two fields, traditional health and dental care are completely separate. This approach requires patients to try and juggle dental and medical care and integrate the recommendations of health practitioners and dentists to ensure that they are well from their heads to their toes to their teeth.
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Dr. Vinograd offers a different experience for patients. As a holistic dentist, he treats the entire body along with the teeth and gums. By focusing on the body as a whole, he is able to address dental conditions, their physiological causes and the effects of the conditions on the rest of the anatomy. This integrated approach promotes long-lasting dental health that has a positive effect upon the entire body.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. Vinograd can assist you with all types of common dental problems. His approach includes both traditional dental treatments as well as dietary and herbal treatments to nourish and strengthen the teeth, gums and body. Because he believes in the importance of protecting the body from all types of toxins, he does not make use of heavy metal fillings, and his holistic approach is designed to put patients with a fear of the dentist fully at ease before and during treatment.

Whether you’re suffering from gum disease, tooth pain, cavities or another dental concern or simply wish to have a whiter, healthier smile, Dr. Vinograd can help you at his San Diego holistic dental practice. His unique approach to dentistry allows him to do what other San Diego dentists cannot–use the entire body to help improve the health of the teeth and gums. To see for yourself the difference that holistic dentistry can make, call Dr. Vinograd today at (619) 630-7174 to schedule an appointment.

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