Health Benefits of Basic Dumbbell Workouts

Basic dumbbell workouts provide a means for building general strength and muscle mass. It is also an essential building block of a healthy lifestyle. Getting started with dumbbell exercises can be very simple. Many exercises target different muscle groups which will require more or less weight. Adjustable dumbbells can be an advantage for this reason. It is important to find the best adjustable dumbbells that match your needs. As you gain strength and muscle mass you will be able to add challenges and complexity to your workouts.

A Few Basic Exercises

adjustable dumbbells

Dumbbell Bench Press

This is one of the most basic exercises that can be done with dumbbells. It is a great way to target your pectoral muscles, triceps, and deltoids. This exercise requires the use of a flat bench for proper form.

Alternated Bicep Curls

Doing curls with dumbbells is one of the most classic ways to use dumbbells. It is the best way to target your biceps and forearms. Simply bend your elbow upward to curl the dumbbell and alternate with each hand.

Shoulder Press

The shoulder press can be done in two different ways when using dumbbells. The first is alternating. This means that as you are lifting one dumbbell you are lowering the other. The second, more popular method, is lifting both dumbbells at the same time. When done with proper form, both methods yield impressive results.

The Health Benefits

One major health benefit of using dumbbells for basic exercises is the muscle mass you will gain. Muscle mass is an excellent calorie burning tool and will help you to remain fit. You will also notice that with a healthier lifestyle comes a healthier outlook on life which is very important just for your overall wellbeing. If you choose to use a home set of dumbbells, be sure to read some adjustable dumbbell reviews first so you find exactly what you are looking for. Just remember to start small and build upon your good habits.