Increase Your Mobility With Crutch Bags

crutch bagWalking with crutches can be a bit of an art form — and walking with crutches while also carrying a bag, backpack or purse can be almost impossible. Crutch bags were invented to allow you to secure some of your belongings to your crutches so you can carry them more easily, freeing up your hands for helping you get around.

You’ll actually find quite a number of crutch accessories available on the market, including crutch pads to ease the burden on your shoulders and crutch covers to help make a smoother, more durable fit under your arms. Some crutch bags even double as covers or pads.

There are three simple ways to get bags to attach to your crutches. You can:

Make your own. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, making a bag especially to fit over your crutches isn’t hard at all. Of course, if you’re suffering from multiple injuries or have other health issues, dealing with the small details involved in making durable and beautiful crutch bags can be a hassle.

Pick something up locally. The problem with this approach is that many healthcare supply stores carry only one or two types, and they’re usually only designed for function, not style. You might have to settle for something that looks very sterile or like it belongs in a hospital.

Order something nice online. When you order crutch bags online, you can shop a variety of styles and choices from the comfort of your home or the convenience of your smart phone and then have your choices delivered to you. When you’re learning a new way to get around, online shopping can be a real help.

For every problem in the world, there’s a sensible solution. If your hands are busy and your back and shoulders are already burdened, crutch bags can help you carry essentials with you. And making a careful choice of which brand and type you get can mean complete satisfaction from day one.