TENS therapy for managing chronic pain

TENS unitTranscutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, commonly known as TENS is the use of low voltage electrical current to provide pain relief. TENS therapy is performed with a TENS unit, a small device that features electrodes. These electrodes are usually reusable self-adhesive pads and are placed on the area of pain.

The low voltage current is passed from the machine to the electrodes, then into the body. This stimulates the nerve endings and scrambles the signal, which reduces the feeling of pain. It encourages the body to release endorphins (pain killing hormones).

Many different problems can be alleviated with TENS therapy. Those who have rheumatoid arthritis can get relief, along with people who suffer from sciatica. In fact, lots of people with acute and chronic pains use TENS to help. The most common use for the TENS unit however is to treat back pain. Nowadays there are TENS units that have been designed specifically to target the lower back, some of these feature belts that wrap around the body, making it easier to position the electrodes on the painful area.

For anybody who is looking into TENS therapy, it is important that you do the correct research and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge before choosing a device. Decide on what you need from the unit and then read TENS unit reviews. Look for both positive and negative feedback – and also look into how much the electrodes cost to replace. They are reusable but some brands last a lot longer than others, and the replacement price can vary massively. Check whether the unit is rechargeable, if it’s not, think about buying some rechargeable batteries. Some devices can cost a lot more to run because of these two factors.

If you are going to buy a TENS unit, make sure that you have consulted with your doctor first. Note that there are certain exclusions, for example, people who have pacemakers should not use the devices. Always check first and make sure that it’s suitable for you. For further information about TENS therapy and TENS units visit: electricalstimulationtherapy.com

Important Things To Know About A Face Steamer

face steamer

Acne can cause a lot of discomfort and insecurity in a young adult which is why it’s of essential importance that you do everything to get rid of it. Outbreaks tend to be common during adolescence and often times you’ll feel less worthy than others with perfect skin and you might have even tried certain products that just didn’t work or made very little improvement.

We’ve been hearing about teenagers changing their nutrition and trying things the likes of tea tree oil without success and our research led us to believe that face steamers are one of the best ways to get rid of acne.

Facial steaming is actually a very old technique which you should utilize for what it’s worth because it provides you with a thorough cleanup of your face. It’s not just putting up soap as you’re taking a shower because this addresses everything and your skin needs that cleanness so that you don’t experience acne outbreaks again.

If you’ve been trying one product after another, it might have compromised some of your bodily functions because not every product will work for your body type and especially if you’re taking pills for it. It’s absolutely essential that you stick to the basics when it comes to this because you want to be eating good food but you also should ensure that your skin is absolutely clean and that you’re keeping it healthy that way.

Contrary to popular belief, soap isn’t that good for skin and especially compared to a face streamer that basically unlocks your skin’s pores and cleans it thoroughly. The skin is your largest organ and you’re using it to exert different kinds of things that your body doesn’t need through sweat. Keeping it clean ensures that this is made easy and that nothing will get stuck causing problems.

Any Recommended Face Steamer?

First off, you’ll have to understand that these come in a number of categories to choose from. For example, you have face steamers that are portable by nature and you can carry them around as you’re traveling. These are also the more inexpensive ones because all you have to do is put some water inside them to get them working. They usually come with controls on them to adjust to your liking.

The reason why you’re going to benefit from a face steamer more so than you would by cleaning your face with soap every day is because you’re going for the skin detox effect and cleaning everything. You’re literally not giving acne a chance to form hence this is such an effective method.

Make Constant Progress

It’s interesting to see how you progress day after day when using a face steamer because it can literally give life to your skin after a while. There’s dirt you’re not even seeing which it takes off and you’ll start to notice just how better you look by the day.

If this is your first time using a face steamer or you’re thinking o f purchasing one from Pleasing care beauty skin care store, consider getting an electrical steamer. Most of them will be very handy and come with a number of useful features. The more expensive steamers have monitoring that shows you the visual aspects of the cleaning. There is absolutely nothing you can lose by getting a face steamer and everything to gain, especially if you’re been struggling with acne!

Is Weight Loss Surgery A Cure For Obesity?

overeatingIf you are considering weight loss surgery as a cure for obesity there is a lot more to it than that. We live in a day and age where fast food is king. We all have such busy lives that there is not enough time to prepare healthy meals at home, so many are turning to eating out.

Because of this we are now facing the biggest obesity epidemic our world has ever seen. And because of this, many individuals are turning toward weight loss surgery as an option to combat the adding on of those extra pounds that comes from not eating well.

But this presents a large problem for our society. Weight loss surgery is not a cure for obesity. Even though the surgeons that we see on television make weight loss surgery seem like it is the best invention of our time, there are many problems that come with it. First of all, surgery can be very dangerous, especially for individuals who are extremely obese.

The other problem comes with attitude. To assume that you are going to have weight loss surgery and all of the sudden you will wake up cured of any eating disorder is not a healthy way to live. Many people who have weight loss surgery do not change what they eat as part of their daily diet, which is the main problem with obesity.

Just because your stomach is a little bit smaller does not mean that you should continue eating foods that are making you obese. When you eat food that promotes weight gain, you are going to gain weight period! If you eat 10 small meals in a day as opposed to 3 larger meals, and the food is not healthy what is the difference?

There is none! You are going to gain weight and be unhealthy regardless of whether you have had weight loss surgery or not. The only way to take off weight and keep it off for your lifetime is to eat foods that promote weight loss.

Surgery should only be an option in the most extreme circumstances when it comes to weight loss. If you find it difficult to find out which foods you can eat to lose weight and be healthier than you have ever been, visit the weight loss lie and learn how to eat in a healthy manner for the good of your health.

What Is Anxiety?

anxiety treatmentDo you often feel like you are going to die for no reason? Do you shake, sweat and feel your heart race through your chest and wonder what is going on with you?

If you feel these types of issues then you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a very common disorder, affecting approximately 40 million people from around the world. Anxiety is not something that only certain types of people get or people from certain parts of the world. Anxiety can affect any of us at any time.

So how can you cope with anxiety? The first step is to make sure that the physical feelings that you are going through are anxiety and not another medical condition. Once you have seen a doctor and been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder you can start learning about how you can cope with it so that you can get back to living your life.

The first thing you must understand is that you are not dying! The most common feeling that individuals with anxiety face is that they think they are about to drop dead at any moment. This is not true. All that is happening is that your mind and body are preparing to run away from a potential threat or danger.

This danger is not real, and that is what anxiety essentially is–being afraid of things that are not really happening or are not as serious as believed.

Many people take medications for anxiety, which is not recommended. Medications only mask the symptoms for a short time. They do not cure anything and they are actually very addictive and can be dangerous if not taken properly. You can learn to deal with anxiety without having to take drugs or alcohol once you learn some essential tools that you can use to cope with life’s problems a little better.

Anxiety is a terrible disorder, but it does not mean the end of life. You can deal with your anxiety in a safe manner and go on to live a completely normal life. For more information on how to live with anxiety or addictions visit Northbound Treatment Services

How To.. Last Longer in Bed!

how to last longer in bedDid you know that one of the best ways how to go longer in bed is to change the way you masturbate?

Are you desperately seeking an answer to how to last longer in bed? Well, your problem might be caused by your masturbatory habits when you were a teenager! Find out how to solve your premature problem once and for all, simply by changing the way you masturbate!

Pretty much all men on the planet, even those who don’t think that they have a problem with premature ejaculation, would like to find out how to go longer in bed. What a lot of them don’t know however, is the fact that their lack of stamina, may be directly link to how they were masturbating back when they were teenagers!

  • Nature’s programming
    Believe it or not, all males are wired by nature to ejaculate as soon as possible once intercourse starts. This is because nature is all about the end result and as far as nature is concerned, the purpose of having sex is producing offspring, not having a good time. The fun and pleasure of sex are just bonuses. Now, this programming is inscribed in your brain. The good news is that it can be overridden, the bad news, is that it can also be reinforced.

  • The teenage masturbation connection
    When teenagers discover the pleasures of masturbation, they still live in the same house as their parents and siblings and this, in conjunction with their raging hormones, is what makes them try to get to their orgasm and ejaculation as quickly as possible while masturbating. In other words, teenagers climax really fast, because they worry about getting caught by a member of their family. Those quick masturbation sessions however, are essentially reinforcing the brain’s natural programming. This means that every time the body feels sexually aroused, the brain will make everything it can to ensure the quickest ejaculation possible, regardless of whether the man is masturbating or having actual sex. As far as the brain is concerned, there is no difference between the two.

  • Fixing the problem
    Simply put, if you want to learn how to last longer sexually, you will need to recondition yourself as far as sex is concerned and override nature’s programming. All you have to do is simply change the way you masturbate. Don’t make the ejaculation the point of your masturbation sessions, focus instead on lasting as long as possible and getting as much pleasure out of them as you can. Take it slow and don’t rush. When you feel your ejaculation approaching, stop whatever it is you are doing and wait for your arousal to calm down a bit, before you start the sexual stimulation again. Try to masturbate when you know that you will be completely alone and undisturbed, in order to remain as focused as you can on the task at hand (no pun intended).  After a few sessions, you will start overcoming nature’s programming and early ejaculations will soon become a thing of the past!

If you want to know more about premature ejaculation and how to go longer in bed, then check out the site http://howlastlongerinbed.net/. This site has helped thousands of men all over the world to stop premature ejaculation!

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