Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

If you are trying to find water filters that remove fluoride, remember that it is also important for the filters to get rid of many other toxins as well. You should know how to successfully remove them all and protect yourself and your family.

As you may understand, fluoride was presented in the United States in the fifties to battle the nation’s supposed bad dental health. The problem is, it’s not natural but synthetic and a result of the aluminium industry (makes it inexpensive to use and harmful to your health).

water filtersIt consists of lead, arsenic, uranium and cadmium. These extremely harmful compounds that can bring about cancer cells, decreased IQ in children, kidney damage, thyroid troubles, chromosome damage, brain disorders and even bone illness.

This indicates it is in reality dangerous to your health, and specifically young children where it can trigger finding out conditions. Now that toothpaste and the advances in dental medication are with us, there is actually is no need to add this harmful element to the water any more.

So water filters that get rid of fluoride are a truly great idea. You ought to know that even the very best ones can just eliminate around 95 %, but this brings the fluoride levels to well within the safe limitations as it is difficult to eliminate it entirely.

You also desire the home filtration system to be able to eliminate all the chlorine, lead, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, herbicides and many even more besides. These in fact position a much greater threat to your family’s health than the fluoride and a lot of filters are not able to eliminate them successfully.

The only one that can eliminate 95+ % of all the primary pollutants is a ProOne Filter. They retain the important trace minerals like calcium and potassium which lots of other systems like reverse osmosis eliminate.

These minerals are good for your long term health and must be left in the water to keep you healthy. As you can see, water filters that get rid of fluoride are essential as long as they can also get rid of 99 % of all the other recorded toxins in the supply today, to leave you with safe, pure and healthy water.

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