High Capacity (Quality) Dentistry P6

So, phase II, I come back into the room.  The assistant’s already gather data.  Now, I’ll do a pretty in depth tooth examination.  I go from tooth 1 to tooth 32 and very thorough.  I’m always talking about what I think I would like to do on the patient, but I’m never putting pressure on them to pick the treatment that I want them to pick. I just let them know what I think is the best plan for treatment.

I’ll be very laid back, and you can tell I talk slow.  I’m laid back and joking around, and the whole time I’ll be slipping in diagnosis as we go along.  The assistant is over there feverishly writing things, jotting them down.  Once I’m through, I’ll take a few seconds to talk to the patient again, tell them what I’m thinking.  By the time I’m through with that, the assistant should have all the stuff organized that I know what I want to do next.  So, hopefully, by then, the patient has agreed for me to get a [59:58] on what I think should be done next.

Then, I’m out of the room again, doing whatever, and the assistant take over.  That’s when they carry, we have an orange card.  It’s called the treatment organizer card.  We call it as the “orange card” as a slang word.  They actually divide up all the treatments into one, two, three, and so on.  They’ll take it to the financial department or the financial coordinator.  They take it from them.  They take over from there.

Phase III is actually when that person goes back in the room to present the finances. If the person, for some reason, have a question, now, they have a chance to get me back in the room to ask some questions.  That’s really the third phase of the diagnosis.  By this third phase, like I said, by this time, we have 75% of the patients accept the treatment that we’d like to do.  Sometimes, I will downgrade and do a filling instead of a crown occasionally, but not that much.  They’re doing what’s best, and we work hard to get finances that work for them.

So, a quick review of the three phase exam.  You’ve got phase I, quick exam and listen to the patient, make that connection.  Phase II, give the patient a couple of options, but always give your opinion about what’s best.  Now, I say this all day long.  “So, what are you thinking?  Pull that or fix that?  Would you like to pull that or fix that?”  It’s very simple around here.  Maybe it’s needs to be more complicated, but I doubt it.  Put it into your terminology, but this is a very simple way to do it and to get a patient on your side because they know you’re not force anything down their throat, right?

Phase III is to let the treatment coordinator, financial coordinator, and/or me doctor review the treatment plan once it’s done just to give you a third shot at getting them to do what you need them to do.  Once the green light is given, hey, it’s off to the races, Jack, because then, you can put all these efficiencies together that make you be able to do this high capacity quality dentistry that we’re talking about.

So, this is way in depth, like I said.  It’s on that website.  This is the website if you want to go one more time.  It’s www.thecapacityacademy.com/digital-dentist, and it will give you an idea of exactly what happens to a new patient when they come in to our practice for the first time.

The seventh thing and the thing I think you really need to consider doing to stay relevant is look, guys, dentistry’s taken a beating the last few years.  The public just does not like us the way they used to, but if you want to be the guy in your that they still love, find a way to do some charity.  Dentistry from the heart is a good way to do it. It’s a great organization.  You don’t have to be a part of an organization.  You can just do things like this on your own, find ways.

We’ve done stuff for lots of local charities.  This is me with one of my sons at the bottom of the page.  We had TV stations come out to the last one I was a part of this interview people all day long.  It’s such good press for your practice, but anything you can do for charity to help the patient and let them know you’re not just out there for a bunch of money and you want to just help them, that’s good.

After a while, in 2010, I actually got this award for being humanitarian of the year by the Visiting Dental Association, amazing honor.  I’m so proud of that, and when you get something like that, all the papers.  It just changes the public’s perception.  So, find a way to work charity into your practice, and that will be the icing on the cake.

So, hey, Lorne and I talked before the thing was over, and he said, “Look you have all these system.”  I have put together a lot of systems, and occasionally, there’s trainings for dentists.  They buy these things from me, and it helps their practice.  Lorne said, “Could you put together something special for my folks?”  So, we sat down, and we looked at the different things in my training.  We came up with what I think would be a really amazing basic.

If you were really interested in doing some of the systems the way we teach them, I think this is absolutely what you need.  This will take you step-by-step into doing things in your practice.  Let me describe what we got here.  This is my practice productivity package.  I have two products that we’ve sold individually, and they’re both my biggest sellers.

One is my “Fly-On-The-Wall”.  We have days where dentists come into the practice, and they observe for a day.  We do a lot of the stations in the afternoon.  One time I had a couple of cameramen from the Discovery Channel come in, and they filmed one of those days.  They put it into an hour and fifteen minute DVD.  So, we took that DVD, and we created our “Fly-On-The-Wall” product, which really is just really what would happen if you were a fly on the wall in Dr. Chris Griffin’s practice.

Then, we have another system we call the “Efficient Doctor System”, and this is really three complete systems in one.  This takes you step-by-step if you’re interested in doing that route board system the way that I do it.  This is your book.  This is your manual.  This is the cook book that takes you step-by-step through how to put this route board into your practice.

If you’re interested in the templates and the checklists, we have the perfect procedures protocol system.  This takes you step-by-step on how to do these templates, how to do the checklists, how to do all that, and I don’t know if anyone’s put this together. We put together the staff communication guide because we actually have radio communication in our office, and a lot of dentists are interested in that.  So, is you’re interested in that, this is the “Efficient Doctor System, this is how to incorporate radios into your practice without them being annoying or how use them properly and blend in efficiently especially with the route board.

The “Fly-On-The-Wall”, like I said, that is six books.  The Discovery Channel filmed six different trainings that day.  We’ve got our new patient experience, which is what I talked about, a little bit more in depth, the worksheet.  We have a color coding system, something that we didn’t talk about.  It’s actually the slide where we talked about the just in time production.  We have a color-coded setup room area that actually is a part of our flow and allows us to get those rooms set up as fast as humanly possible.

We got the presentation of fees process. This is the phase III of the diagnosis.  They come in, and they present the fees.  This is how we are able to get our pretty high case acceptance rate.  My endo buildup PFM technique is on this video.  It’s something that everyone’s always interested when they come here. We talked a little bit about the handle, but we’ll go start to finish the endo on the premolar we did that day.  It’s pretty cool if you’ve never seen it.

The super secret orang card we talked about that you saw the assistant hand off to the financial coordinator.  This is on this DVD, and the end of the appointment referral experience is really important because this is why we have 50 to 60 direct referrals each month.  Basically, that’s how we get them because I have so many of those.  I have intentionally stopped direct marketing pretty much.

Now, the “Efficient Doctor System” is $397.  If you go to my website right now, it’s $397.  The “Fly-On-The-Wall” is $397.  If you’re one of the first 10 people to go ahead and get this product, me or my number one will give up a day, and we’ll get out on the phone and just hammer out any questions that you’re going to have because people are going to have questions.  If you’re trying to put this kind of stuff into your practice, you’re going to have questions.  Usually, we charge a la carte, if you just want to call up and spend a half hour on the phone, $500.  We’re just going to throw that in.

What I think is even a bigger deal is if you want to get a bigger hands on training with these things, you can come up to our biggest, baddest dental event of 2013 we’re having in Nashville.  We’ve saved seats for seven dental offices to take us on this incredible offer to come up because they have hands on staff training for these things at this event, not to mention the lectures that I’m going to have.  We have six other lecturers that are going to come up and share ways on how they bumped up their practices to six figures or better doing these unique, specially typed procedures.

If you’re interested in that, you can go to the website and look at that, but the bottom line is if you get the practice productivity package, the first seven to get that, we’re going to throw in tickets to this event.  You’ll actually be able to come to Nashville and get some practice training and see with your own eyes besides just getting this product.

So, that’s it.  You’ve got the Efficient Doctor Syste, $397, the Fly-On-The-Wall’s is $397.  The 30 minute phone call is $500.  The event’s $1497.  You get 15 CE hours for that.  So, I think it’s a tremendous value, and if you add it up, it’s $2797.  We’re not going to charge that much because Lorne said he wants his folks to get the best deal possible.

So, if you want this practice productivity package right now, you can get the whole thing for just $397, and that would just be normally the price for one of the trainings.  You’re going to get both trainings, the phone call, and the live event to even further your training.  The website to get that right now is chrisgriffindds.com.

If you get it and you don’t like it, you got 60 days to tell us.  You get a complete money back guarantee to send it back.  We’ll give you your money back.  So, I don’t know how you can beat that.  Chrisgriffindds.com, and if you get this, you come to Nashville, this guy right here is going to get up on stage and share his experience of how he implemented all this stuff that we did and what it did for his practice.