The Truth About Chiropractors


Chiropractors offer complementary and alternative medicine in the health care industry. They use a different approach to healing using diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuro-skeletal system. Chiropractors are concerned about the disorders of the spine that affect others. They use manual therapy that consists of joint adjustment and manipulation with the focus on joints. There are chiropractors in over 100 countries all over the world; however they are more prevalent in North America, parts of Europe and Australia. People seek these services for low back pain. They adjust the spine and this is called a spinal adjustment. This is the most common practice in the field. They use thrusts at high velocity that has to adjust the spinal column. Spinal manipulative therapy consists of massage, mobilizing, adjusting, stimulate, apply traction to correct issues related to the spine and tissue.

One third of patients of licensed Canadian Chiropractors in a recent survey said that patients were treated with many techniques to help them cope with lower back pack. Full spinal manipulations, exercise, daily living activities, changing unhealthy behaviors, nutrition, relaxation, ice and screening for disease prevention early. There are many diseases of the spine that can begin as early as birth and chiropractors caution people to have a screening. A screening could save years of pain issues. Chronic back pain usually has several diagnoses on a patient at once. These include lumbago, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spondylitis, cervical degeneration and arthritis. This is a very painful disease and surgery is an option. Many doctors discourage surgery unless it’s a neurological issue of the spine that prevents one from walking.

Practice guidelines have been established by the professional community that specify which treatments are legitimate so they are covered by insurance companies. There have been some critical reviews about chiropractic services a 2010 survey stated that manual therapies were used commonly as treatment for neck, low back and joint pain. A 2011 systematic review of the survey failed to show effectiveness for any condition. Most research is focused on spinal manipulation rather than on manipulation. There is no way to measure it’s effectiveness on people. There is no way to conduct a placebo trail.

The care in general is safe when used appropriately. Manipulation is regarded as safe but as with anything, complications can arise. Chiropractic care has been known to have adverse reactions and risks. Chiropractors like any other primary care providers sometimes use X-rays, CT scans and that rely on radiation.

Chiropractors have been referred as medical quacks for medical doctors for many years. In the last few years they have been recognized as an alternative way to treat spinal and joint issues. Medical doctors now approve of them but each state has different guidelines and the problem now is physical therapists. Physical Therapy (PT) is now butting heads with chiropractic treatment. PT is determining what treatment defines chiropractic and what treatment defines physical therapy. Research all the information before deciding on choosing chiropractic treatment.

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