Teeth Misalignment

Don’t Delay Seeing An Orthodontist If Your Child Has Teeth Alignment Problems

As a mom and dad, you know how vital it is for you to take your child to the dentist regularly so they do not have to fret about any dental troubles later in life. Besides instructing your child how to keep their teeth clean and how important goo oral hygiene habits are, it is your dentist’s duty to see to it that your child’s teeth are positioned correctly as they grow in place. If there are in any way worried about the position your child’s teeth are growing in, your dentist should notify you right away so you can see an orthodontist to seek professional advice on how to correct this. This may involve fitting braces onto the teeth of your child.

The easiest way for you and your child to understand what to expect is to sit with your orthodontist and allow them to clarify what is involved.

Once the braces have been fitted, your child may complain about discomfort and soreness. They may also complain about headaches. Some mild pain relieving medication will usually do the trick, but if this keeps up for more than a few days then you may want to return to the orthodontist for him or her to quickly check things out, and to make any modifications required.

There are a number of different kinds of braces readily available. The kind your child requires depends on the shape and size of their mouth and the specific problem they have with their teeth. The obvious goal is to straighten any crooked teeth and prevent or correct any overbites or various other positioning problems.

Although this might appear to be an expensive fix for your child’s problem, when you think about it, they are actually the least expensive and least intrusive solution to align your child’s teeth to how they should be. Ignoring the problem will only increase problems for your child. Not only in them possibly losing confidence and being unwilling to smile, but there could be issues down the road with eating and how they speak.

Getting braces is not a quick repair, compared to having veneers put in place. But in the long term, especially for a growing child, it is probably the best solution, in most cases, for correcting misaligned teeth.

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