5 Reasons to Restore a Damaged Tooth with a Dental Crown

When you have a damaged tooth, whether chipped or broken, it can damage your entire smile. Luckily, you can get a crown to restore your tooth. A crown is a cap that is glued to your old tooth. Sometimes, your dentist will file down your damaged tooth to a nub and then place the crown on top. A permanent crown should last for five to fifteen years, as long as it is done well and you take care of it.

Protects the Tooth from Further Damage

 If your tooth is damaged, then it is weakened and vulnerable. Healthy teeth are strong and can withstand a lot, including biting into hard food. However, when a tooth is already fractured, chipped or otherwise damaged, you can easily fracture it or break it even more. This can lead to more extensive damage, including damage to the root. Additionally, you will end up in pain. A crown will cover up the damaged tooth, making it strong once again.

 Protects the Root and Nerve

 Your teeth protect a small root with a nerve inside. If there is damage to the nerve or root, it can cause larger problems including infections. Sometimes, an initial chip or fracture in a tooth does not reach the nerve, so you do not experience any pain. However, over time the tooth will continue to wear down, eventually reaching the nerve and creating a possibility for damage within the root and nerve. A crown covers the pulp tissue of the tooth, protecting the root and nerves.

Prevents Expensive, Invasive Procedures

 If you get a crown on a damaged tooth right away, then you will keep you mouth and teeth healthy. However, if you leave your tooth damaged, it can lead to further problems that will require expensive and invasive procedures. You may end up needing a root canal, periodontal surgery, or other treatments. Like many treatments, if you catch your problem early and fix it with dental crowns, you will prevent worse damage and tougher procedures.

Saves the Healthy Part of the Tooth

 Crowns just rebuild your broken or damaged tooth back to its original size and shape, using as much of your healthy tooth as possible. Your teeth provide part of the structure of your gum line which creates the contours of your face. If you ever have to get rid of the entire tooth, like extracting a tooth, then it can affect your smile and the structure of your tooth. A crown will maintain more of your jaw structure than if you had to lose a tooth.

Makes your Smile Perfect

 A crown will make your smile perfect, especially if your damaged tooth is one of your front teeth. Your dentist will work to make the crown fit perfectly, looking identical to your old tooth. No one will even notice that you have a crown, as even the coloring will match the color of your other teeth. You will not have to feel embarrassed about having chipped, broken or fractured teeth.

If you find you have a damaged tooth, then you should discuss getting a crown with your dentist. It will protect your tooth, including the fragile nerve and root, while keeping your smile beautiful.

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