Gaining Botox certification in Los Angeles

Dr. Katz's Los Angeles ClassIf you want to gain your Botox certification quickly and easily, then there is no better way to do it than through the Dentox training program created by the world renown Botox expert Dr Howard Katz. For the last forty years, Dr Howard Katz has worked hard at ensuring that the very best tools and techniques are used for patients who wish to receive Botox – to the extent that he now owns the majority of the patents used within the industry, and he has worked closely with various pharmaceutical companies in order to create the absolutely perfect chemicals for Botox use. His passion for Botox, however, does not stop there. In the last decade of his career Dr Howard Katz has focused more and more on Botox certification, and instructing those who wish to receive their Botox training in the most effective way possible. That has led to the Dentox training course.

Occurring over just one day so that the dental professionals who take it do not have to waste too much of their working week, the Dentox training course has been purposefully designed for dental health professionals, building on the huge amount of experience and knowledge that they already have through their use of injectables and their familiarity with the face. Dr Howard Katz uses this knowledge in order to skip the most basic parts of the training, and move straight on to the new elements that the dentists will need to learn. By having live patients at the training day in Los Angeles so that attendees can immediately start to use the new skills that they have learned, the Dentox program really is like no other.

For any dental health professionals who wish to learn from Dr Howard Katz through his Dentox training course, just ensure that you are able to attend his Los Angeles training course.

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