Eat Carbs For Resistance Training Success

pre workout womenWhat should you know pre-workout for women?

Eating properly can improve the effectiveness and the outcome of resistance training, no matter how often you participate in this kind of exercise. For muscle strengthening to happen, you need a diet with plenty of carbs for energy and moderate portions of fat and protein too. That’s easy to get if you choose nutrient-rich foods.

Low-calorie diets lead to loss of muscle as well as body weight, but diets that are too high in energy can result in fat gain along with the muscle gain you want. To gain muscle properly, you need plenty of energy from carbs, enough protein and good resistance training techniques along with the right hormone level. Some experts overemphasis the need for protein. While it’s required, it’s only a small part of the energy source you need during exercise.

Carbs provide your body with energy so that it doesn’t have to use up protein as fuel, and carbs prevent tiring before your workout is complete. Your daily intake of carbohydrates should never be below 2.3 grams per pound, and you can easily process up to 3.6 grams per pound when working out.

Get your carbs from whole grains, fruit, dairy, energy bars and sports drinks, among other sources.

Fat is an important fuel source, too, and helps your body in other ways too. You should aim for a diet that includes 20 to 35 percent of your energy from fats — preferably healthy fats like fish, nuts, seeds and nut-based oils. Full-fat dairy and fatty meats contain undesirable saturated fat and should be avoided. Hydrogenated oils should be avoided too.

Ideally, your protein should come lean meats, poultry and fish as well as beans. For a 150-pound person, 80 to 115 grams of protein per day is usually adequate. You can also get it from peanut butter, quinoa, eggs or soy products.

When you understand that carbs are the primary fuel for resistance training rather than protein, you can adjust your diet to one that’s more sensible and leads to better results.

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