Benefit of a Medicare Supplement

medigap logoMedicare supplement plans, also called Medigap, help to pay for some of the costs that are not covered by the original Medicare – such as deductibles, coinsurance and co-payments. They may also cover services like medical care on traveling out of the US which will not be covered by Original Medicare. The Medigap policies only supplement the benefits of Original Medicare and pays its share the amount approved by Medicare for the health care costs it covers after Original Medicare has paid its share.

To apply at Ohio Medigap Connection you need to have Medicare both parts A and B and pay a monthly premium to a private insurance company as long as it is licensed in Ohio for example – or any state that you live in. You pay this premium along with the Part B monthly premium you pay Medicare. The policy will only cover one person so you have to buy a policy each if you want the Medicare supplement plans as a couple. As long as the monthly premium is paid, the standardized Medigap policy will be guaranteed renewable regardless of your health problems or history. If you are on Medicare Advantage Plan, it is possible to get a Medigap policy but you will need to leave the plan before the start of the Medigap policy. However if you are on Medicare Medical Savings Account plan, it is illegal for any insurance company to sell a Medigap policy to you.

The policy does not cover some things such as long-term care, private-duty nursing, eyeglasses, vision care, hearing aids and dental care. It is possible to change your Medigap policy or to drop entirely although depending on the timing, you may be penalized if the drug coverage on your policy was not creditable or if 63 days end before the start of your new coverage. Getting medical supplement plans will help to limit the medical expense that you pay out of your own pocket by covering most of what is not covered by Original Medicare.

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