You Can Prevent Home Water Damage By Taking The Right Steps

water damaged roofWe have enough to worry about don’t we? Yet we rarely worry about protecting our homes from water damage, and we really should. The average homeowner is concerned about theft, fire, personal attacks and other real threats, but few of us are concerned that water damage will create an unhealthy atmosphere in our homes and make them unlivable. But this circumstance happens to people every day.

From coast to coast and even in landlocked states like Montana and Kansas, water damage from appliances or roofs that leak and pipes that break as well as flash flooding and many other sources is a very real threat. And it’s certainly a concern in a place like San Diego where there’s water everywhere anyway.

In some ways, water damage is very obvious. Soft furnishing like sofas and padded chairs can be inundated with water. If dried quickly, they may survive. On the other hand, they often need to be replaced. Carpeting and other soft building materials are also susceptible to damage from water. But drywall, wood and other materials common in our homes can also be damaged by exposure to water if it isn’t properly dried after exposure.

And even worse is water damage that can’t be seen from a leaky pipe hidden beneath a closet or a roof that leaks in a location where the damage isn’t immediately evident. When was the last time you checked if your closet needed floor water damage repair or visited your attic to make sure there were no roof leaks? If there was recent high wind or hail in your neighborhood, a leaky roof could be the first place to look for possible water damage at your home.

It also makes sense to prevent water damage when possible. The first thing you can do is make sure valuable and important documents and irreplaceable items are protected from rising water as well as water coming through the roof. That means storing these items in waterproof containers off the floor.

Next, you need to create a plan of action regarding what you will do if you notice water damage occurring and make sure every member of your family understands the plan. This could involve getting soft furnishings and mementos out of the home and putting small, easily damaged items in your car, for example.

Of course, if the source of water is a damaged water pipe or malfunctioning appliance, you can prevent damage that is happening from getting worse by turning off the water or stopping the appliance — if it’s safe to do so. Never go into an area where both water and electricity are present.

When you have water damage and need to correct it so you can get on with your life, water damage restoration from Orange Restoration can put things right at your San Diego home. All you need to do is contact us. We’ll make an assessment and then take the actions necessary to allow you to continue getting maximum use from your home for years to come.

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