Common Solutions for Lower Back Problems

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a professional athlete there is a chance that you have suffered from some type of back problem in your life.  While many times these aches and pains go away quickly, others seem to linger.  For those that have these issues we offer simple solutions to help with your back problems. 

Whirlpool Treatment:  The power of heat is a great solution for those who suffer constant back pain. Not only does the heat warm up your lower back, but it also lets you stretch the muscles.  For those who have a gym membership or have access to a hot tub, I would suggest 15 minute intervals with at least 15 minutes of rest in between.

Inversion Tables:  One of the best friends for anyone with a back issue is an inversion table.  An inversion table lets a person hang upside down to fix their back issues.  One thing is that not all of these tables are the same and that is why it is recommended to get an inversion table review online before purchasing one of these great tools.  Teeter Hang Ups and Ironman are just a few of the most popular models that get great reviews.

Inversion Table Review

Stretching Exercises:  We recommend stretching exercises for people who have enough flexibility to hold a stretch for at least 45 seconds.  We don’t recommend certain stretches if one has a  back problem where they can’t bend down without extreme discomfort.

Acupuncture:  Acupuncture is a great tool for those who have had constant back pain and are looking for an alternative solution.  Many professional athletes have added weekly accupuncture to their regime as it helps keep them loose and ready to play.

Ice Treatments:  Ice can be a best friend to those looking to heel quickly after a back injury.  It is necessary to use ice in shifts like you do a whirlpool as too much ice at one time will not help.  Ice, Rest, Ice, Rest is a common strategy for those looking to heel an ailing back.

Having a lower back problem is something that almost all of us have had at one time or another.  With that being said, the following tips above can help you fix those problems in no time.