The Dangers of Mainstream Dentistry P4

Now what do we eat? Our teeth is supposed to be grinding greens. We have a plant based tooth and what have we been doing? The first twenty years of my life I never ate plant.  I used to look at parsley and gag hen it was on the side of a hand burger. Bottom line is all I ever ate was this mushy stuff which slide down my throat that made me sick. We didn’t strengthen our teeth when we were young.  When you eat salad you’re strengthening our teeth.


If we invented ways to destroy the anatomy what we’ve done has done it   for you. Could it ever be corrected and are there extreme cases where I have seen people’s teeth re calcified? Yes but when I read about people saying “I’m not going to have my tooth fill its going to re calcify, good luck.”


I’ve seen three people that I know authentically did it. A lot of lunatics are running around saying it’s going to happen and their teeth is rotting out of their head. There’s obviously a reason that it happened for these people. It never happened in my case. We’re doing a lot of bad things to out mouth.


Audience: what do you think of rinsing with baking soda?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: baking soda is great. It’s not going to kill everything but it’s great. It’s going to help to alkalize the body. Most baking soda has aliment in it. It’s not going to kill the stuff but it alkalizes you though.


Audience: have you heard about oil pulling?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT:  oil pulling really works its atavistic. When I was in India I was thought that there was a wonderful hospital there, Hydrous. Hydrous has the biggest care centre. What I loved about it is that they had the hominy phatic and the nature phatic and the hallo phatic   doctors in there and they have thousands of patients in there at one point. I learnt that there and I was just shocked. I said “how does this work?” and they said “well try it ” and I could feel it.


Audience: I actually have information here with Americans who they want to do root canal to extract. Is there a way to see if it’s actually a lie or <inaudible>


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: photography can do that.  You wouldn’t give me a phimography scan because I wouldn’t know what it was.  You would have to give it to, almost all of the good phimography interpreters are hallo phatic doctors, that’s what they do. They could look at that and tell you in a minute.


Audience: is there a way of healing it. You could get infection anywhere in the body. Is there a way of turning it around if it’s partially dying or infected?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: there is a way to do it but here’s is my thought on this. In the vast majority of cases it’s a very laborious and very long process. If ultimately you have half a tooth now wouldn’t it better, wiser and more appropriate for you immune system and overall health to extract since probably that’s what is going to happen when your 70 years old.


Audience: you still don’t want to end up toothless.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: exactly. That’s why wonderful things like composites and bridges are options today.  I’ll go back and repeat for the third time.  The new composites are like diamonds they’re not toxic. The old composites were. They’re plastics but in three days I’m going to be joining my friend in Israel. He is a PHD, a doctor in plastics and composites. What he has explained to me is that some composites are literally stronger than glass and metal.


The new composite that they actually make, that I show you here they don’t even put metal in it anymore.  It’s like a diamond, they stick it in you and it doesn’t leech out. It’s so hard that acids can dissolve these stuff.


audience: can I quickly ask if it’s going to hurt when you have it extracted if you suffer from pneumonia as I did last year which I believe was connected to this  but  the doctors says it’s impossible how do I heal because I still have the pain in my lung and I’ve taken antibiotics every few weeks.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: this is an easier deal. it’s harder to find like this young gentleman a  dentist is  going to put saver nitrate  into your tooth as you’re in a dental chair because they’re license is on the lien  if they do that . It’s much easier to find an alternative doctor and then say I have a chest infection that will IV into your blood streams into that. Once again do you know of any doctor that would be doing that? Do you have any nurses as friends?


I think the world all makes contributions and Britain has made a lot.


Audience:  when he said that the pneumonia wasn’t connected to   this and it’s so unusual.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: you have to remember that most doctors are in total denial because everything that they do it doesn’t work. Their whole life is denial. That’s what you’re seeing. You’re going to find doctors like this gentleman who almost died from mercury positioning and became evangelical to help people. You’re going to find these kinds of doctors, they’re rare.


I know 2000  doctors  well  enough  if  I saw them I would know what their names was I would  trust five of them completely.


Audience: if I can’t in a doctor to administer silver nitrate then what is my next best bet to heal.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: first get on the Hyprocotese lifestyle, secondly eat so much garlic that no one wants to be with you. You take heads of garlic and juice it. Take it five or six days per week. Nothing is better than that from the natural realm. Thirdly take saunas as much as I do, seven days per week to detoxify all that out.


Remember what I said to you. Toxins remains in bodies that are not healthy. When bodies are exercising, circulating, stimulating, filled with oxygen, nourished, the cells are strong and the immune systems are working toxins down like to hang out. When I was like this smoking cigarettes toxins thought I was central park.


Audience: all the dentist I’ve spoken to want me to take charcoal.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: charcoal would be a pore choice since we know that edible green clay is a good choice. The fence are way ahead    of us on that. They have something called edible green clay which is far better than charcoal not that charcoal is horrible but it can also cause problems for you.


Audience: how many days?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: I would do that the day of and a week after. You don’t take tons of it. You take a tablespoon, mix it in a small jar or juice shake it and drink it down twice per day.


Audience: how wide spread are these composites?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: they’re new. It’s only been about a year and half since they have been out but composites of or other parts of the teeth but the implants are very new.


Audience: how do you know if you’re dentist is using them?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: you have to quiz them. I would call the nurse at the desk and say ”  do you do 100$ composite implants?” and if they say no they don’t know what that is but they’re really great dentist  like  she suggested they are willing to  put these things in.


Many of the things I’ve learn probably more than half of what I can teach you learn from our guest.  Although I read prolifically and constantly study when the guest come they say “have you heard about  …” I say” wow that’s interesting you’re the fifth person who said “. That’s how dentist learn too.


Audience: I just wanted to say that one of the foods that this doctor was recommending before you remove mercury you have to go through detoxification.  One of the foods that are not allowed is <inaudible>.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: he’s an acrobatic doctor?


Audience:   no he just explains that it’s so much in the food chain, mercury is in everything. There is certain things where it cumulates more and garlic is one of them. <inaudible>


Be: I’m sure if you look at a place like the island of Britain. How many years have people levied here, how many thousands of years?  The population has been pretty large here for how many number of years? I can’t imagine that this islands soil has anything but massive contamination in it. Mercury doesn’t just come from mid-air. It would have to come from the soil. Even a bio dynamic gardener that has done a lot of good to make richer, healthier good soil cannot preclude the mercury that takes hundreds of years to come out of it.


I wouldn’t say if you went out to the bookies out there in Montana you rabbi wouldn’t have mercury. If you went to New Mexico where they put nuclear bombs off you may get uranium in it.


Audience: I found out last week that in greens, one of the instruments they found in plants is that there is a little piece of titanium in it and he said underneath their root there’s <inaudible>.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: if you trust the dentist and they could be right I would probably leave it alone because titanium doesn’t charge, it doesn’t have electrical stimuli in it. If it’s not titanium take it out.


I’ll give you an example even my wife Anna- Marie who some of you know and some of you have seen tonight she had an alternative dentist where a part of the drill was stuck in her head. Ten years later she didn’t know it. We eat rice and she didn’t feel an infection. Another dentist looked and said” you have this thing there that has an encapsulated infection in it. “You don’t know some of the time. That may be what happened to you.


The body is amazing. Scar tissue as horrible as it may be especially for pain and strategic areas is really resulting effect of how brilliant your body is. It’s trying to repair its self.  Just like cancer. Cancer it’s the effect of the body trying to recover from stupidity. It kills you but on the other hand it’s trying to protect you.


Audience: <inaudible>


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: again I would have to know a lot more. If this is a drill head or if this is a nickel I would pull the thing out. If it was a titanium piece that was put in there I would leave it.


Audience: the implants are they ok as long as there is a composite?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: it’s ok. The disadvantage if the implant is that they have to connect it to you.  I don’t know if anyone has done that. I would like to get a photograph of seeing an implant. You wouldn’t see as negative as this is with cancer. You would see part of this on positive that wouldn’t flow as widely if you had an implant. The energetics of the body would be blocked with something sticking into it.  It would be like a toll booth on a road you’re driving fast on then you would have to stop.


That I do know. How problematic that is don’t know. It could be major problematic or nothing to worry about. That’s something a very wise and sophisticated dentist and long term dentist could probably tell you.



Audience: I’ve had several root canals. One of them I had done that and I have had cram put on it .the cram lasted three or four years and then it broke off. I didn’t go back to the dentist and since then my gum will push up and I can put a tooth in there now which is perfectly fine.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: you go way above the average person for hygiene. This land is probably down at the pub swishing his mouth with beer.


Audience: if anybody wants book and information on these things he has a brilliant selection of books. I don’t know how many he has bright tonight but they do have an excellent selection of books on root filling.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: Wheat grass is going to kill a lot of the bacteria any virus in there, spiral k reduces it but it only reduces by about half. I think that long with putting the period liquid in that’s a winner.


When I drink the wheat grass most of the time when I’m up to it I swish it around before I swallow it.


Audience: and for what period of time?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: ` you need two minutes, five munities you’ll have green tea.


Audience: I’m familiar with the coconut oil


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: coconut oil can be helpful just don’t swallow it. It works in a similar way to the sesame oil some would say that it’s better than the sesame oil.


Audience: the digestive enzymes what do you think about that.

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