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Water is the most important resource after air. Drinking water supply dwindles by the day and is taken for granted by many developed countries. According to United nations, by 2030, 40% of the world population will not have access to clean drinking water.

Let us look at the health benefits of this seemingly abundant resource. Water helps:

  1. Treatment of diabetes
  2. Treatment of heartburn
  3. Treatment of high cholesterol
  4. Prevents aging skin


Too many health benefits are related to clean drinking water. You don’t hear your doctor say, please take those pills with a can of soda, do you? Or, drink more sodas when you are down with flu or diarrhea.

When I mention clean drinking water, I do mean clean. Clean water is without chlorine, fluorine, toxins, germs and viruses. Now, how can we achieve that quality water?

Answer: With a water dispenser equipped with water filtration system.

Tap water contains many toxins, let me just be brief of what these does to you.

Chlorine and Fluorine

These two chemicals are deadly. They increase cancer risks by over 90% and kill brain cells. Fluorine itself is so poisonous, second to arsenic. It transforms normal healthy cells into cancerous ones. Yes, do change that toothpaste you are using daily if it contains fluorine. Think about it, how many millions of people in this world drink boiled tap water? And just how much toxins, fluorine and chlorine its accumulated in their bodies?  Make a change today!

There are a lot of studies by renowned researchers and scientists of what chlorine and fluorine does to us. It is bad news. Go google about it.

Water dispenser with filtration system

A water dispenser with a good filtration system can ensure your quality of water at a small fraction of costs. Reverse osmosis or Ultra filtration removes toxins and viruses making water clean and pure to drink. These units come with a five step filtration process consisting of: polypropylene filter, t33 water filter, post carbon, UV light and reverse osmosis or ultra filter membrane.

Water Didpenser
Also, the water dispenser further boils the filtered water and stores into its own water tank. It has a ready hot and cold function, which provides convenience whenever we need water.

This sort of water dispensers only cost $500 for a home unit and maintenance cost is at $100 per year. We did a rough calculation, An average family spends more on bottled water in a year. So do consider this as an alternative. Furthermore, this is environmental friendly, unlike those plastic non biodegradable bottles.

A good company that provides these water dispensers is 828 water dispenser singapore. This company is formed since 2005. Their prices are extremely low, which is good for customers. Their motto is not to rip people off because of the same products. They have worldwide certifications and high quality on their products. Do feel free to check the water dispenser company out.

I leave you here to make the right choice for you, your family or for your office.

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