Interesting things about the green tea

Every time someone speaks about tea the first thing or the first sensation that comes through my mind is the word relaxation. Either you’re at a meeting or in a public place, a cup of tea can make your day sunny. The production of tea has grown considerably in the last couple of years, and the benefit of consuming tea is that your body is wrapped in all the nature’s help that you can get in order to stay healthy and to live well.

What is good to know for your own knowledge and the idea to find out more things about the products that you drink is that the tea occupies the second place in the category of the most consumed drinks on the surface of the globe, of course after water.

As a second detail, it is useful to find out that the green tea among other types of tea like the white one, or the black one come from the same plant that makes them so tasteful and rich in many curable elements, the Camellia Sinensis.

The base that makes all these types of teas so different is due to the different and various processing methods. For example for the green tea leaves are less processed, this indicating a high level of antioxidants. In the case of the black tea, the processing method assures a process of being highly fermented. The great news is that the antioxidants are vital elements that help your body in the process of skincare and much more. The antioxidants that are found in the green tea can assure the protection of the skin against the sun burns and a process of combating the skin cancer. These elements have a high contribution in the process of the cell renewal.

In general even the appearance and the taste vary. Tasting a tea has become an art that has grown to become as important as the art of tasting wine. When you taste green tea or any other tea you’re looking for some specific characteristics. We look for characteristics that can mainly be found in the flavors, the tannins and of course the two main senses: the mouth and the nose that are used to discover the best qualities in the tea.

But if you consider what makes it be a good tea or how you can choose the best of green tea, here are some advices that will help you decide. For this, you’ll have to look at the shape of tea leaf, because each type of tea has a certain shape that makes it have the best quality. For example when looking at the Dragon Well (a certain type of green tea), its leaves should look like a needle with a surface that is flat and straight.

Another idea is to look at the color because the types of tea that exist have different colors before and after the process of brewing. For example, the green tea leaves before the brewing process have a fresh green color. When it comes to smell, good tea should leave a long lasting aroma of natural essences.

And the last thing when choosing a tea is the taste that guarantees the unique perspective of the flavor. Each type of tea has its own characteristics that help you live every moment from when you’ve tasted your first cup of tea. In the case of green tea, the taste should be pure and fresh.

The green tea remains one of the products that are highly preferred in the Chinese culture and many provinces, but also in the Japanese culture. Yet the British prefer to consume the black tea much more. Black tea is a product that in order to be preserved while being in the cargos that were shipped from China is first put through a process of withering, rolling, fermenting and then in the end firing up the leaves.

When it’s about remedies or fighting a disease or cold, the best way to start is to drink a cup of tea. Its natural selection and the careful processing methods will help you overcome the sickness and feel much better. Another method that is applied in such cases is using the herbal infusions, also called tisanes.
Enjoy every single cup of green tea!

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