3D Cat Scans in Dentistry


Introduction: ladies and gentlemen our next speaker for this morning is Dr Thom’s Culprits. Dr Thomas Culprits received his dental degree from Washington University dental school and his IMD at Capital University of integrative medicine where he was Professor Emeritus. Dr Culprits is a member of the IOMT and he has a private practise is Tulsa Oklahoma. Please welcome to the podium Dr Culprits.



Dr Colpitts: so what I’m going to be talking about today is a three dimensional cat scan. I’ve been in practise for almost forty years. This is probably the most important technological toll that I have seen since I’ve been in practise. It virtually changes the way that I look ta patients and   it helps us find things that I couldn’t see before. I rich, I said “this is pretty important I would over to be able to do a small presentation”.


There’s two things that I’m going to do. I’ll go through a PowerPoint presentation talking a little bit about the technology, a little bit about h what it can do, some case studies. When we’re done with that I’ll be able to pull up a cat scan on the computer and I’ll go through on how you can actually manipulate it.


One of the things that I’ll talk about here is this is just a tool and it give us one piece of the puzzle. In and of itself is not going to make us great biologic dentist but it is going to give us a tool that is unsurpassed. One of the things that I always worry about is how do we document in the standard of care what we know is true and I struggled with that for a long time.  There’s things that I knew inherently were a problem in terms of infections are concerned.


I sometimes thought I know it’s here but I can’t really document it if I want to take it to the board of governors. So how do I practise still saying within the standard of care. Somehow I was able to do that I never had a conflict with the board since I’ve been in practise but that kind of relieves that.  I have seen one dental patient who came in with cancer in the last fifteen years that didn’t have significant dental treatment that was done. I don’t think that was a coincidence.


I’ve studied a lot with Dr Omega   who is a MD and   his belief is that all disease including cancer is simply an infection. That still seems true to me. I have not seen anything to tell me that’s it’s not true. If that’s true then one of the things they need to do is to find where the infection is and what’s going on and the CAT scan is just an incredible tool to do that. I  don’t know how much technological  tools you have in your office  but I’ve got a bunch, we have a  ceric and we have the cat scan. Every week something goes down and you’re fooling with it trying to get it to work. infect I was talking to somebody and they asked if I was a little nervous about speaking and I said” a little bit but you really worry about is the electronic stuff, is it going to work or not” right now it’s not working.



I’m a clinician not really a scientist but this is what I’ve seen. This is a great book. I used to teach practise management for a little bit. I’ve always been a little bit intrigued with it. This is a very interesting book by Jim Collins, Companies That Went from Good to Great, it talks about passion. I thought it was worthwhile to introduce myself a little bit. I’m passionate about my family, this is my family in Colorado. I live in on a ranch and we have  11 house but you got to go to Colorado  to get everybody together on a horse. These are eight of my grandchildren. at this pint of my life  there’s not a week that comes by that I don’t think that I’m bless that I got to see my children grow and my grandchildren grow up.  Faith is important to me, country is important to me. I fly the American flag. Toby Keith in his song red, white and blue he says “my daddy was in the army he lost his right eye, flies the flag in the earth to the day that he die” well I fly the American flag, the green corps flag and the POW flag. I was not a POW but I serve in Vietnam and it reminds me humbly that there is always   people that paid more than I have paid whether it be in dentistry or for the country.


We just went to new your city this week.  actually it’s my wife’s birthday today and  part of my family and she is part  of the reason I’m here doing what I do because she support me but the statue of liberty reminds me ,  I’ve travelled to ever continent except one and I’ve seen people who never had a chance. Those of us who are here are blessed that we are born with an opportunity. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how motivated you are, if you are born in a situation that a lot of people are INS omen countries the most that they can hope for is just survival and many of you don’t do that.


This is the flag that flew in little base in Vietnam. The ranch is a big part of our life. We’ve only been on the ranch for about ten years but I really learnt a lot about physiology and I’ve learnt a lot about medicine at the ranch. This is one of our Clydesdale    and little POA called mac and mac almost died from arsenic, mercury poisoning and that’s another  story .these are some of the things that I learnt on the ranch and I think they apply to what I’m going to talk  to you in a little bit. Soils and living organism, stress on animals and health, I’ve studied with one of the best animal movers in the world Bud Williams, 80 years old. He thought us how to move animals gently with ought to stress now why is that important? When he took over a food line in Canada the year before the vet bill and the pharmaceutical bill was 130, 000. Within 1 year that same bill was $15 000. What did he do? All he did was to take the stress off the animals. If they came in and they were depressed got him up and got him walking, if they were hyper he got them walking and calmed them down.


I often think tats the relationship for us as human is stress. I could be better about getting stress out of my life sometimes but I’ve learned a lot. I’ve helped  birth cattle , goat , I’ve buried a lot of them  , our burial is above ground  but we have a lace that we take  them too their happy hunting ground. I’ve really learnt a lot emotionally about this life cycle that all animals are in. they are holistic rangers and farmers that are out there, Stock My Grass Farmers are great source for that. This is me just a month ago, we raised a red Angus grass fed beef past organic. This is me and one of our guard dogs, he guards out house he doesn’t really guard much of anything else. We just got this part of the facility enlarged. These are a couple of guys getting our grass fed beef     ready to take for sale.



Staff sometimes say to me “tell them the goat story” so you guys get the goat story. Goats have a problem with parasite. They are not really designed to come to Oklahoma and live in 200 acres. They are designed to live on hundreds of acres. once  a goat gets parasitic infection and  you don’t catch it early, I’ve seen many times  I’ll see the  goat lying on the ground and I see where it can’t get up or can’t walk and I think not a problem I will get it in the stall , I will give it my natural medicine. I would do all the things and never one of them survived and yet they looked really healthy last week. What happened is the parasite finally destroyed so many red blood cells   that they are so anaemic. The only way that you can tell is if   you pull they’re eyelids down or look at their gums and if they’re very pale you know that they’re in trouble.  We worked goats two weeks ago, now we have a smaller herd of about 60 animals and we really got or herd doing well.


The other thing to go back to the cattle, we do not do vaccinations, we never do antibiotics and out herd is healthy.  This is one of our guard dogs. The guard dogs stay out there and lives with the goat 24/7. one of the things that I’m passionate about an unfortunately feel like I’m obsessed with  and my wife has been a great example without criticizing showing o me how to balance my life a little bit better with the tether things that I do. The Outliers is a great book. It talks about people that are successful, it talks about the ten thousand hours. Everybody that is really successful that he has found had to put in their ten thousand hours and that’s why we’re all here. Even the Beatles, the Beatles played in a bar in Frankfurt, Germany 7 nights per week, 8 hours per night.


This is the CAT scan that I’m looking at my office. If you decide to get one and I hope you do one of the things I didn’t say is that I had no financial interest in any cat scan. I have a Serena Galaleos but I’m not here to promote the brand of CAT scan I have. If this is something when I’m done that you think will interest you do some research, talk to me I’ll be help. when I looked at it I thought carefully two years ago  that things are going to change but I’m  not here to promote a particular brand whether you buy a Ford or a Chevy it doesn’t matter to me . We do a lot of nutritional testing.


The objectives for today: why do I have a cone beam? What is a 3D cat scan? What can it do? Some clinical cases and my opinion of the financial advantages from this? Why did I purchase the CAT scan? Two years ago in January I had a physician send me a patient with cancer. The patient was on the way to Germany for a cancer treatment and the physician said make sure there is no infections. I took formal digital eletrorays. I looks at a mouthful of PMMs and didn’t like that but didn’t see any infection, didn’t see any part of it. I had just heard about 3 dimensional cat scan about among ago and I mentioned to this couple I said ” there is one cat  scan in Oklahoma that you would be interested in ” they  jumped on it and went and  get the 3 dimensional cat scan and the doctor called me and said  their three abyss teeth .  I went back and looked at my digital x rays and I still didn’t see them. It then became a moral issue for me. if I had patients  come in and particularly if they were referred  by the  good nature pathetic physician or the holistic  physician and they say get rid of the infections and I know in my heart  and also intellectually that there’s  a tool out there that is better than what I have I was stuck.  I moved on and within three months we had one at the office and of course they’re expensive. From a business perspective this goes back to Jim Collins book. He talks about the hedgehog concept and it’s based on the essay by Asia Berlin and the fox knows many things but the hog knows one big thing. I would like to think that we at the IMOT look at health like the hedgehog.


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