Drug-Free Ways To Reduce Back Pain

massage chairBack pain can be a debilitating condition that interferes with the quality of life. Imagine not being able to walk, shop, or do simple chores because of excruciating pain in your back. Some people have flare ups that leave them bed-ridden for days, and unable to function.

Prescription Painkillers

In today’s society there are drugs for every type of ailment that you can think of including back pain. When you visit the doctor for back pain, the first thing that is usually offered is a prescription for the pain.

For most of us it is easy to visit the pharmacy, get a prescription filled, and reach for the pill bottle to ease the pain. Make no mistake, it is good that modern medicine provides so many options to ease chronic pain, but the possibility of side effects and addiction are also very real.

Most people that are in pain have one thing on their mind – getting rid of the pain! They don’t usually want to hear about alternatives when it is easier to pop a pill and eliminate the pain. But think for a minute about the side effects of popping those pills long term. Eventually it will affect your body in other ways.

Have you ever seen people who are taking prescription medications and then have to take another medication to help the side effects of the first drug? That can become a vicious and unhealthy cycle.


Painkillers not only lessen pain, but they tend to make you relax and almost seem as if you are on a high. That feeling is temporary and wears off in a few hours.

So what do you do after those hours are up? Take more painkillers. People often become dependent on these drugs and take more than the doctor has prescribed.

This is when you enter the danger zone.

How often have you heard of people going into rehab to help with prescription drug addiction. Yes, this is very real!

A drug that is prescribed by a doctor can have the same effect that street drugs such as heroin or cocaine have on a drug addict, when misused. People tend to put prescription drugs into a different category.

Although the drug is prescribed by a licensed medical doctor in the correct dosage, it is the individual who frequently abuses it, and in the end the result is the same as it is for a drug addict. Studies have shown that some people have more addictive natures compared to others.

Reducing Back Pain Without Drugs

Drugs only mask your back pain. As the back pain continues and get worse, the individual will take more pills, covering up the initial problem. You need to be aware of the characteristics of the pain in order to know how to manage it. You will not know that if you are constantly taking painkillers. There are many ways to manage back pain without drugs.

Swimming – Water is an excellent way to manage back pain. Swimming puts less stress on the body and there are many exercises that can be done comfortably in the water. Water aerobics is often recommended for people who have arthritis in the spine or other parts of the body.

Massage Therapy – Many times a doctor will prescribe physical therapy for a patient with back pain. Deep tissue massage is one technique that a therapist will often use. When there is chronic back pain it is usually because the tissue in the muscles, ligaments and tendons is rigid.

This can cause inflammation and limited movement. In deep tissue massages, the pressure is applied deeply to the painful area. Movements are slow and deep to help loosen the rigid areas. The therapist will often use massage oil to help with this process.

An easier alternative, which may even work out cheaper in the long run too, may be through the use of a massage chair like the HomeElegance 9745BLK-1. These can be easily hired or purchased, though be sure to always look for massage chair reviews before parting with your money as they are not cheap pieces of equipment and differ wildly in their effects.

Move – The first inclination for people with back pain is to sit. They feel as though movement will make the pain worse. The truth is, the more active you are, the better it is for your pain. No, you should not overdo it and put strain on your muscles, but regular exercise can help increase and strengthen your muscles.

Walking and stretching are highly recommended. Yoga is another option that helps balance and strengthen the body through focused postures called asanas, and stretching the muscles. Even if you have to sit, you can stretch those muscles.

Meditate – It is difficult to focus on anything when your body is in pain. Science has shown that meditation can help reduce severity of pain. It takes the focus from the pain and puts it on breathing or mindfulness. Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D., a researcher at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, conducted a study that showed decreased pain after just over an hour of meditation.

Try Something Different

Medicine has its place when it comes to back pain. NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen can help with inflammation as well as pain, and there is nothing wrong with taking them when it is absolutely necessary. But prolonged use of these medications can lead to blood clots, stomach ulcers, strokes, heart attacks, kidney and liver damage according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

So, before you pick up that bottle of pills or take that prescription for back pain, try an alternative. You will never know unless you try.

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