How to Brush Your Teeth…The Right Way

star dentalAdmit it — brushing teeth is second nature- You don’t even have to think about it. But brushing teeth correctly is very key to good oral health, and could help you prevent gum disease and cavities. Well, we have put down a few tips that could help you to brush your teeth…the right way.

At Star Dental we recommend you use the right tool, in this case we ideally recommend an electric tooth brush. Think about the size of your mouth and if you find yourself straining to open it wide enough so as to let the toothbrush in, the brush is most probably too big for you. It ought to feel good in your hand and mouth, so that you will use it often.

Give It Enough Time

Are you brushing the teeth enough? Twice each day is the recommended routine, while three times each day is the best. You ought to brush for at least two minutes. Most people do fall short of the time period. You ought to divide the mouth into 4 sections and the spend 30 seconds on every tooth.

Do not overdo It. Brushing your teeth more than 3 times a day may not be ideal. This is because too much brushing could wear down the tooth enamel and damage the gums.

Perfect your technique. Do you brush correctly? Wide, side to side strokes could cause scrapes along the gum line. Hold the brush at a 45 degree angle to the gums, and make an up and down motion. Try to use short strokes. Brush inner and outer tooth surfaces, the back molars, and tongue. Do not forget about the hard to reach areas.

Switch things up from time to time. Are you used to beginning brushing in the same place all the time? Dentists claim that most of us do. Begin in a different place to avoid getting lazy. By the time that you get to the last region of the mouth, you might be bored.

Pick Your Products Wisely

The type of toothpaste used matters. The stuff that brightens or controls tartar could be harsh. An increase in the whitening particles could be harmful and sand away the tooth structure. If you wish to lighten your smile, you could always switch between regular and whitening toothpaste.

Control sour teeth. Diet sodas, energy drinks and sour candies — even healthy stuff like orange juice, apple juice and coffee — have acid that could soften tooth enamel. If you go for sour goodies, wait half an hour before brushing. That gives the saliva time to restore your tooth enamel.

Keep the toothbrush Clean. Do you rinse your brush? You ought to. Germs from the mouth and teeth can stick to it if you do not. It should also eliminate leftover toothpaste that hardens bristles. You should not use disinfectants to cleanse the toothbrush. Just rinse it then let it air dry.

Let It Go. How old is the toothbrush? You should get a new brush each 3 or 4 months. You could also look at their bristles. Once their bristles lose normal flexibility and begin to break apart, change the toothbrush. Broken or frayed or broken bristles will not clean the teeth as well. If you cannot decide the toothbrush to buy, ask from your dentist what type is best.

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