What Are The Advantages And Risks Of Laser-Assisted Liposuction?

post laser lipo figureLaser-assisted liposuction, also simply called laser lipo, has many advantage over traditional liposuction methods. First and most importantly, laser lipo reduces the pain for the patient. Since there’s less trauma to the body when a laser is used, there’s a shorter recovery time too, an additional benefit to the patient. For an in depth look at Laser Lipo, watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xlxja7O_h4Y (or at the bottom of this article)

Could laser lipo be right for you?

In terms of cosmetics, laser lipo also produces better results. You get firmer skin and not nearly as much scarring, plus there are fewer irregularities in the smoothness and texture after healing. The laser’s heat on the skin stimulates the growth of collagen while it also helps to soften and ultimately melt away the fat under the skin. Surgeons find that using a laser helps them get more control over how much fat is removed so that certain areas are not under treated or over treated.

Today, laser lipo is gaining popularity because it provides so many benefits to the surgeon and to the patient alike. Still, there are disadvantages and risks. Like with any kind of liposuction, there’s a possibility of some scarring and irregularity in the final skin smoothness. Of course, there’s often bruising too. In some cases, skin can get saggy or lumpy if a lot of fat is removed in a single session.

The risks of complications are reduced when using a laser, however. Laser lipo involves greater control and increased precision, and that means control is great enough that lipo can be used on small areas like the around the face, something not always possible with traditional procedures.

A risk of bleeding or unexpected infection is always present when the skin is broken, but proper wound care and cleaning can minimize this risk, and so can following all instructions provided by the surgeon.

In general, laser lipo increases the safety of liposuction procedures and increases effectiveness too. Of course, choosing the right doctor makes a big difference too.

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