Dental Implants Are A Safe And Sensible Choice

Villaggio Dental ImplantHere’s a startling fact: a single missing tooth can cause other teeth to move around, changing your bite, your appearance and even your digestive health. You simply don’t want that to happen. Dental implants can replace a tooth that’s missing to restore natural appearance and full function.

Whether a tooth is lost to periodontal disease, trauma or another cause, the dental implants provided by Villaggio Dental can fill the gap and provide these important benefits:

  • You get complete restoration of the feel, look and function of a natural tooth that’s so perfect no one will no the difference.
  • It isn’t necessary to grind, cap or otherwise alter adjacent teeth that are healthy as it is with bridges.
  • There’s no worry of slipping while eating or speaking — and no adhesives as there are with dentures.
  • A single implant can help improve the fit of dentures when there aren’t enough natural teeth to hold them in securely.
  • Pockets and gaps are eliminated, so there’s no place for food and debris to collect, jeopardizing your dental health.
  • They’re as east to care for as natural teeth and no special maintenance is required for years, if at all.

Getting a dental implant is a straightforward process that happens over several appointments. The actual process starts with the placement of a titanium implant in the jaw. After recovery and a soft diet for a few days, the process continues as the bone begins to grow around the implant. Then, a protruding abutment is attached and a porcelain top piece or crown is installed.

About 95 percent of patients experience total success. When you brush, floss and regularly see you dentist for oral care, dental implants can last a lifetime with little or no maintenance and no special treatment or procedures after installation.

Could Villaggio Dental implants be right for you?