Personal Trainer in San Diego on Detox, Yoga, Sports Clothing, and More

A few words on the influence of detoxification on fitness, from Personal Trainer San Diego Phil Landman:

Sports Clothing on Cyclist
“Movement and activity are the natural states of the human body. A sedentary body creates an environment in which body systems do not work optimally. The detoxification systems of the body work this way also.  While I do not suggest over-training, regular physical activity is necessary for overall body health and detoxification.

A stagnant body has stagnant body systems, including the lymphatic and circulatory systems. These both play a huge part in body detoxification. Lacking a pump like the circulatory system, the lymphatic system requires motion to keep the lymph flowing properly. Exercise also facilitates oxygen flow throughout the body and helps the expelling of toxins through the repertory system and lungs.

As stated above, excessive exercise is not required to help you detoxify your body. Consider taking a walk or bike ride, doing yoga, tai chi, Pilates, or some fun activity like a basketball game or dancing. Any habit that gets your body moving will work. Find something you find enjoyable and incorporate it into your regular schedule. Rather than seeing exercise as a chore, which increases the likelihood of stopping, have fun, relieve stress and get the quality physical benefits as well.”

Phil Landman is both a world class personal trainer, as well as the owner of several sports clothing labels.


The idea of “detoxification” is often mentioned by all manner of exercise gurus. Yoga instructors demonstrated detoxifying twists; aerobics class leaders tell their students the benefits of detoxifying sweat and dieters adopt fasts and specific eating plans to detox their bodies. Health professionals remain skeptical, however.

Shirley Archer, a yoga and fitness expert, is also an author and the spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She recently stated that exercise assists body systems, such as the lungs and kidneys, to remove things that can cause disease from our bodies. A complete healthy lifestyle which includes nutritious food, proper hydration and exercise, keeps the body working at optimum health, which includes detoxification.

“As for specific yoga moves, I’m not so sure,” she added.

Some believe particular yoga moves and positions squeeze the organs and help push blood out of them so new, filtered blood can rush in. Archer agrees that improved circulation helps to eliminate toxic waste products from the body and that certain yoga movements can help facilitate this.

Deep breathing techniques practiced in yoga can help introduce more oxygen to the body and rid the lungs of excess carbon dioxide. Oxygen is used by all cells and the practice helps improve circulation.

Mental detoxification can be just as important as physical detox. Meditation and associated physical activities such as tai chi and yoga can help you improve attitude and mind set as you improve your body. They encourage present mindfulness, which helps eliminate toxic thoughts of the past.

Tracy Anderson, a popular trainer of celebrities, ran Detox Weeks last summer for groups of around 40 women. These involved three or more hours of workouts every day and a whole series of lectures on nutrition, exercise and how to make lasting and effective lifestyle changes.


Similar weeklong events are planned for 2013 in other cities.

She says that many women focus on physical results when they exercise. They want to get rid of love handles or their muffin top instead of focusing on the regular and consistent practice of exercise as a part of their lifestyle.

While people should start out with an exercise regime or yoga class they are capable of completing, it is important to strive for more as time goes on. For example start with 10 minutes of exercise your first week, work up to 20 minutes or more as soon as possible.

“Detoxification is a big topic.” Anderson states that detoxification covers a wide range of practices from sweating to rid the body of toxins to improving mental states by clearing the mind of negative thought patterns.


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The Dangers of Mainstream Dentistry P2

Interview the people, maybe talk to people. a lot  of times I  will go to a friend and  they’ll say I went to this doctor and I’ll listen to the second and third  opinion and  then I’ll stay they must be pretty good because three people  have said to me Mary’s a really good doctor.  So I go to Mary and maybe I like her and maybe I don’t like her.  This is a really big deal. remember the  first alternative I went  to  all of my fillings  fell  out in six months , I’m glad   I didn’t  die of mercury poisoning.

Other things that you can do  during this process is that you take double amount on  the day that you’re having the dentistry   so you have up to thirty and for two days after you go back to  fifteen and fifteen . Now you’re having dentistry on Wednesday, Tuesday you take fifteen in the am and fifteen in the pm.  Wednesday you take thirty in the am and thirty in the pm, Friday fifteen and fifteen, Saturday fifteen and fifteen and then go back to your normal amount.


Forget chlorella just a detoxification. I’ve taken chlorella for thirty years every single day except fasting because chlorella is an unbelievable nutritional supplement. It’s one of the few things that we know that fixes your chromosomes that means DNA.  That means it per longs your life and reduces potentiality for the 5% of genetics who affect you in any way. Not because we say so. There are shocking high volume of research on this. You can see the research goes back forty years in this.


If you really don’t want to age prematurely chlorella is a   great way to do that, also to detoxify plus a lot of you live in a place called London. Is not the most pristine place in all of Britain? You’re picking up like it or not heavy toxin chemicals every day.


For those of you who are a little   bizarre and off track are not eating 100% organic food, some of you are really bizarre and off track, you’re still consuming animal flesh starting item fish, chicken, and red meat. That really helps you collect massive amounts of heavy metal toxins and chemicals because were heavy metals and toxins hang out is in fat. The more at you have in your body the higher toxic levels you have.


This is why morbid obese people have five times   greater incidents of liver cancer and pancreatic cancer. Pretty bad stuff. What’s something else we should think about before we open up for questions on this one? We should also think about what I hear a lot of you say. This can be overwhelming.   The first is we feel overwhelmed because no one told you the most important message. You’ve got to be totally responsible for your life. I was never taught that. I had great parents, grew in a great way, always did what I loved, played music but the reality is nobody told me to be responsible. I had to learn the responsibility thing on my own and because we’re not taught to be responsible and now you’re a grown adult all this can be a tidal wave or a tsunami hitting you in the head. I’ve got to think about my clothing , I’ve  got to think about my supplements , I’ve got to think about my food , where I live .


If you’re really not self-respecting you would like to throw your hands up well to hell with it all. I’ll just eat like the rest of the brats. I’ll just go down fighting or killing myself. I get it, I was there in the early days of this. I was a big fat greatest love was anger at that point. It took a lot for me to grasp.


The good thing for me was I was a boy. I was twenty years old so I wasn’t as corrupted as some of you are at this age, you’ve really worked hard to season yourself to be a very corrupted individual. I know this is quite difficult for you ND for those of you who aren’t going to be self-evaluating probably still don’t know that you don’t like yourself. You probably think you like yourself because sometimes you do and on a Sunday you eat right or polite occasionally or you do try to buy organic underwear every fifth year.


It’s like when I say to people do you exercise hey say “we walk up and down the stairs”.  We’ve really got to realize why humanity is sin desperation and why things are totally out of control is because of this lack of responsibility. The fay I finally did and the way I’ve taught people to do it, the French taught me this we here as well as the Americans aren’t rash in these areas. We’re the all or nothing type of people. I was over years ago trashing in France and there was a gentleman who came through our health educated program back about 20 years ago that reverses aids. He healed himself of HIV and became a very prominent writer about raw and living food in the French speaking world.


Jacques is a lovely, sophisticated franc guy and he was in my lecture in Paris years ago and I was in there like a gangbuster American saying “you got to do this and you got to do that and if you don’t do this you’re going to die”. The French dent like this so he pulled me aside and said “what you said is absolutely correct but the way you say it was absolutely horrible”.

I said “how should I say it Jacques?”

He said “say the same thing but before every sentence say this is a possibility”

I was shocked. It worked instantly. I’m going to say for those of you who aren’t self-evaluating  that don’t realize you lathe yourself , that don’t realise that you’re an addict this  is a possibility for you. It’s a possibility if you want to improve your life and no be part of the corporate deception that = goes on out there where they’re actually putting deadly position inside your mouth. It’s bad enough that they’re giving it to you, they’re opening your mouth and sticking it in there and drilling it into you.


Money is part of this. You’re not going to get this on the social. if  you find an alternative dentist on the social  let me know  because I’m going to send  every  brit I know . Another thing all roof you Europeans do is that you don’t talk a lot to one another and the Swedish are the worse. The closer you get to the south it gets better. The Italians speak a lot, the Portuguese’s speaker a lot but you guys don’t speak enough. If you don’t have money and you need something done talk to them.


When people want to come to hypocrotese and they really don’t have money they try to bullshit me, I’m going to charge the m double because we check everything but we give scholarships to people. We’re doing fine we dint have to worry about not everyone paying everything and I’m sure some of these dentist who have been doing in for twenty years, not because its popular now it’s because they believe in this. If you say to that man or woman “could you do this for less money or can I pay you on a time plan “what are they going to say to you? Say no to you? And if they do say thank you for the consultation and leave .you’re going to find somebody who’s going to do this for you.


Audience: have you been doing it gradually?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT:  what I learned after they did the wrong to me and lots of people I knew is they usually no more than one or two out at a time and it may take in severe cases if they have the galvanic meter, it picks up the galvanic frequency of it, if you have number tens they may take six months if you have eighteen fillings to take out.


Audience: how many weeks between, is it one month?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: that a dentist would have to tell you. I’m shallow in that area I couldn’t tell you. Bottom line is if you go to the right dentist he or she will know that. I’ve seen people with all number nines and tens that they wouldn’t pull out the next one for three or four weeks.


One person I knew went two and a half years to get out twenty two fillings.  They were like me everything in their mouth was a filling at that point.  Let’s go to the p back and work our way forward.


Audience: what about the screws? The other question is that I have a dentist, he’s amazing but he’s a normal dentist. I’ve never seen anybody ill. he says he puts in these mercury fillings and he’s so  caring that  if he thought there was anything  wrong with it he wouldn’t do it  but this actually fine, his nurse is fine  so what do I do? DR BRIAN CLEMENT: in history there has been peoples who slaughtered people because they weren’t good Christians, they probably felt that they were doing the right thing.  the intent  is wonderful and I’m happy he’s a nice  jovial guy that you’re happy with but  if he doesn’t get that root canal is dangerous is because he’s  not educating himself.


I could introduce you to hundreds of people who reversed cancer from removing root canals. Not one or two or dozens, hundreds.


Audience: what research do I point him to?


BC : tonight we saw the research here and if  you get on something   called the internet you’re going to see shocking amounts ,  truckloads  of research on this which thousands of  people have said ” now I’m alive because I got rid  of dentistry”.


What you have to understand if people are comfortable with what they do and if they have business and they’re not challenged in any way and even you who should be educated about this obviously can continue and march down the road of deception. Why would he want to change? Most of the time when somebody says to you give me empirical evidence it’s just a nice way to say I dot give a shit.


any serious dentist , any  serious human being  would know of you  stick something  which is questionable, forget him believing if it’s bad for you, questionable in the mouth   wouldn’t that be something you should consider. There’s some things that people told me was right over the years that I finally figured out wasn’t right.


Audience:  and the screws?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: titanium screws if screws are necessary.  Titanium doesn’t electrically fuse. It’s not going to create a lot of extra a stimuli. Ids it perfect? No but that’s the way to go.


audience : I went to  my dentist , I didn’t have any information  but he recommended me an anti-biotic and I didn’t have the information to really <inaudible>. m pharmacist gave me some anti-biotic and I’ve tried to <inaudible>, do I really need this   but he’s my dentist, he’s my doctor so I had to do it . I didn’t have the information to <inaudible>


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: let’s start by saying you’re going to rarely find even in an alternative dentist or alternative doctor who is going to go against the pharmaceutical and say don’t give you antibiotics. You also precipitated in my mind the thought that I neglected to talk about that there is some people with figuration of the heart. That by law every dentist must give you IV antibiotics during the time they are working on your teeth.


Is there an alternative? Absolutely. Is it shockingly good compared to anti biotic? Absolutely. Does it work ten times better than antibiotics? Absolutely but to find a dentist that is going to do this, good luck. It’s called saver nitrate. The original antibiotic that s doesn’t kill you in the process of antibiotics and destroy your immune system in the process.