Personal Trainer in San Diego on Detox, Yoga, Sports Clothing, and More

A few words on the influence of detoxification on fitness, from Personal Trainer San Diego Phil Landman:

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“Movement and activity are the natural states of the human body. A sedentary body creates an environment in which body systems do not work optimally. The detoxification systems of the body work this way also.  While I do not suggest over-training, regular physical activity is necessary for overall body health and detoxification.

A stagnant body has stagnant body systems, including the lymphatic and circulatory systems. These both play a huge part in body detoxification. Lacking a pump like the circulatory system, the lymphatic system requires motion to keep the lymph flowing properly. Exercise also facilitates oxygen flow throughout the body and helps the expelling of toxins through the repertory system and lungs.

As stated above, excessive exercise is not required to help you detoxify your body. Consider taking a walk or bike ride, doing yoga, tai chi, Pilates, or some fun activity like a basketball game or dancing. Any habit that gets your body moving will work. Find something you find enjoyable and incorporate it into your regular schedule. Rather than seeing exercise as a chore, which increases the likelihood of stopping, have fun, relieve stress and get the quality physical benefits as well.”

Phil Landman is both a world class personal trainer, as well as the owner of several sports clothing labels.


The idea of “detoxification” is often mentioned by all manner of exercise gurus. Yoga instructors demonstrated detoxifying twists; aerobics class leaders tell their students the benefits of detoxifying sweat and dieters adopt fasts and specific eating plans to detox their bodies. Health professionals remain skeptical, however.

Shirley Archer, a yoga and fitness expert, is also an author and the spokeswoman for the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She recently stated that exercise assists body systems, such as the lungs and kidneys, to remove things that can cause disease from our bodies. A complete healthy lifestyle which includes nutritious food, proper hydration and exercise, keeps the body working at optimum health, which includes detoxification.

“As for specific yoga moves, I’m not so sure,” she added.

Some believe particular yoga moves and positions squeeze the organs and help push blood out of them so new, filtered blood can rush in. Archer agrees that improved circulation helps to eliminate toxic waste products from the body and that certain yoga movements can help facilitate this.

Deep breathing techniques practiced in yoga can help introduce more oxygen to the body and rid the lungs of excess carbon dioxide. Oxygen is used by all cells and the practice helps improve circulation.

Mental detoxification can be just as important as physical detox. Meditation and associated physical activities such as tai chi and yoga can help you improve attitude and mind set as you improve your body. They encourage present mindfulness, which helps eliminate toxic thoughts of the past.

Tracy Anderson, a popular trainer of celebrities, ran Detox Weeks last summer for groups of around 40 women. These involved three or more hours of workouts every day and a whole series of lectures on nutrition, exercise and how to make lasting and effective lifestyle changes.


Similar weeklong events are planned for 2013 in other cities.

She says that many women focus on physical results when they exercise. They want to get rid of love handles or their muffin top instead of focusing on the regular and consistent practice of exercise as a part of their lifestyle.

While people should start out with an exercise regime or yoga class they are capable of completing, it is important to strive for more as time goes on. For example start with 10 minutes of exercise your first week, work up to 20 minutes or more as soon as possible.

“Detoxification is a big topic.” Anderson states that detoxification covers a wide range of practices from sweating to rid the body of toxins to improving mental states by clearing the mind of negative thought patterns.


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