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DR BRIAN CLEMENT: I would take twenty per day for anti-aging. Digestive enzymes are almost always used of digestion. when people take that  and especially when you tend to have an integrity rich diet and you surrender  the western diet and all the cook food and you’re eating more  or  total raw food it’s an extremely wise thing to be taking about  three, four or five of those before solid meals.


If you’re drinking green juice you don’t need it. You don’t need to help that digestive it’s pre-digested. There are those of us who have taken those enzymes in my case forty years ago, we don’t need them anymore. Finally the anatomy learns how to digest real food.  Why I take twenty enzymes is because enzymes are the e way your electric body receive electric is for anti-aging.


What I do at night I take twenty of them, stick them in my mouth swallow it down before I eat my dinner. Now we get to your second question. When you have a disease be it a micro rebeta mutagen what type of enzymes do you use? It’s a high protein enzyme called the systemic enzyme.


By the easy we created the two strongest plant based one on the planet earth. One is called high hymns for digestion and the other is called systemic enzymes. We double what they use in main stream medicine for cancers and bacteria in northern Europe. If you’re in a civil country that they’re doing advance medicine they actually use systemic enzymes to take care of microbes and mutagens.


Audience: and you take them away from food if you wanted to pursue


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: that doesn’t matter one way or another. If somebody has cancer we give them three   capsules three times per day. Because you’re food based or plant based with or without food doesn’t matter. The 91% of suppliants, do you have my book here Supplements Exposed? How many of you are students of health here? This is a prerequisite. If you don’t read this book shame on you. It’s the only book inn the j world that exposes the supplements industry.


We show you that 91 % of   supplements on the market, in the world are highly dangerous to consume. Most are made by the pharmaceutical industry. Almost every bit of it is oil, cold tar and these are things that you have to learn.


They did such great marketing in Europe, Sugar is number one and everybody say that’s an American great thing. Its garbage.


Why we need enzymes is that from the time you were born you were supposed tube eating raw food. I know in my life I never ate a raw food until I started to eat raw food. Your body loses its ability to produce its own enzymes.  the real dance  from the father of enzymes, the  guy who taught all of us , Dr Howe he showed us in the perfect world have the enzymes  you need to digest food  come from food if they’re raw  and alive and the other half comes from your body . If you’re not getting it from foods and didn’t and probably you didn’t we lose the ability to even have it come out of our body .in the early stages you need that.


The difference   between when people take enzymes and they change to a rough rich diet is night and day. It takes three or   four times longer to learn to digest food without the enzymes.  In our health educated program, we have several health educator here as an example. one of the things we do to show  them the real  science on this not the propaganda you read from old school stuff  is we actually show them on a screen you’re cells all  stocked together then we give them  digestive enzymes  and within three minutes  100% of the  time you see the enzymes go in, enhance the  electromagnetic  frequency of the cell and the cell separates.


Don’t tell me that they get lost in the digestive tract and the acid breaks it down. It’s not true.


Audience: where do we get those enzymes?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: could you give the number of where they can get those enzymes.  The large bottle that we sell is the least expensive I found in the world. I’m trying to make them even have a larger bottle.


Let’s go back because I’m really happy to be alive. I’m in my sixties I want to live another sixty years. I tell you to test for digestion. You’re a young lady you don’t have to worry about that yet.  You need to take between three or five depending on how impaired your digestion is. I could have taken two bottles when I started all of this.


when I get back in July to hyprocrotese we’re finishing a study I’ve  done on twenty eight people   with early  stage to moderate dementia . is as impressed a good friend of  mine doctor  Robert Rohan who does some of  my course with me  when I’m out in California , he’s a great  doctor. He was almost the political father of the alternative health movement in the United States. He’s a guy in his sixties now, Dr Robert Rohan.  He puts a newsletter out that you could probably get online. You can learn a lot from him.


I was reading his work, I like him and   I trust him a lot because he doesn’t baloney throw. He started to tell me “did you see the stand ford studies on nutrients to the brain” and I said “no “. He sent them to me about a year and a half ago and they were actually showing empirical evidence that practically everyone that they gave nutrients to be improving.


In our upcoming magazine, how many of you have gotten the paper that comes around where you sign your name so you get the next magazine? How many of you have not signed your name but still want the magazine? Let’s get that.


Rather than me give you this, you’ll read details I’m sure we’re going to come out with a spectacular discussion on this. I’ve been so busy I’ve been out of town more than in town. Maybe for the last four months I have been home three or four weeks. Anytime I talk to any of these people they all tell me that they feel improvements.


There are some nutrients that ewe just really discovered that rebuild brain neurons. The phys-neur oil and the b12 we know. The same thing you and I need to maintain brain, IQ.  What this really is physic neurological? Van the poor shop at hyprocrotese call it omega oil. It’s specially seeds to work on neuron and the b12. Most of the b12s are not good for you. You need that on a daily basis.


I’m not going to tell you all of the nutrients right now is because I might preclude some and I may put some back in . I’m working on that with the neuron scientist in Switzerland as we speak.  The other thing that we do know, everyone is making claims of coconut oil. I’m now in my nineteenth year of telling you if you take coconut oil a lot you’re going to end up with massively high cholesterol. Not one person I’ve ever seen period, thousands of people now.


What we do know in real science on coconut oil there is a mid-range try glycerol in it that’s incredibly good for the brain but there is only one company so far that I actually did something I felt bad about doing that makes the product. They put chemical supplements but with this mid-range try glycerol.  I took late stage lie Alzheimer’s and for free I gave packets out to about fifteen people. There people   you can’t even talk to.  By the way we saw improvements. I begged that company and I’m still begging them and if they don’t do it we’re going to try to produce the product.   This is going to be a lost lead for us because we’re not going to make any money off of it.  we’re  going to have to get coconut and make sure the oil sent heated and then  we have to try to get the mid-range try glycerol out  and put no supplements with it , stabilize it  or at worse whole food supplements  with it .


In eight of the cases people recognized it, the children recognized, they didn’t recognized before we gave them.


Audience :<inaudible>


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: co q10 is amazing but it doesn’t do an awful lot for the brain. I’ll tell you where it does for the brain. Young guy like you that doesn’t have emery problems as  yet  if you take ebiqunol forms of co q10  you’ll preserve k your brain but once you have dementia  it doesn’t do thing.


By the way if you’re eating a hyprocrotese type living food program you’re getting all the co q10 you need.  If you take asparagus for example, avocado you’re getting gluttothia. Are these supplements I use all the time?   You bet. Are these one   we find a lot of people   deficient in when they’re sick? You bet. I would assume you’re probably not and taking co q10, the proper form. Not all of it is the same. I was stunned to find out that we were one of the only companies, if not the only one in the world who puts ebiquinol co q10 in a vegicap all of the rest have gel caps.


If you know about gel caps in your country alone they documented two people with mad cow disease from gel caps.


One last question.


Audience: <inaudible>


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: sadly today, a lot of what we do is to help to get a lot of people off psychotic   medicine because so many people are on it. Is old absolutely state to you without   hesitation that 80% of people on psychotic medicine should not be on it. I would also say to you I thank god for the 20% and the psychiatric medicine. I’m old enough to remember when people became schizophrenic they were institutionalized.


as bad as pharmaceuticals  are maybe by default they mad  psychiatric medicine which I thank god they made today because these people are now semi functional.  The number one most subscribed drug in the world is anti-depressants. that’s doesn’t   mean that we all become depressed at once but it means that  when you’re sad and unhappy, lost and confuse and lonely you’re willing to let a doctor  write a drug prescription for you and take it . Doesn’t mean you really need it, it just puts you to sleep so you don’t have to bare your own stupidity at that point.


I’ve made a lot of mistakes in this so now I know what I’m doing and I think bay good doctor is going to tell you that we didn’t learn things because we are geniuses and we’re bright we learn things because in out early days if we are self-evaluating we made a lot of mistakes.


By time you’ve done this for fifty years you know what to do anymore and you know what works. What we’ve   learn is that you never take people off their fast. That was a big mistake.  The longer you’re on it the longer its going to take. if you’re on a psychotic drag for ten years I promise  you we’re not going to get you off that any faster than  two years.   If you’re on it for five years the quickest way we can get you off that is a year and   half.  Are there Rae unique exceptions? Yes but they’re so rare I don’t remember the last one.


Have I seen peel where we try to get them off psychic drug? Yet the 20% that I’m happy there is drugs. We don’t know who they are to be honest with you. I used to be bold enough to think the people that are really clinically psychotic and we know they are and by the way they are schizophrenic and talking to voices sometimes we got them off the meds. Where other people had manic depression, bipolar disorders weren’t that bad. Guess what they needed lifelong psychotic medicines.


When you get to a certain point, a threshold point as I would like to stay we know that. One of the doctors that I have in my team now he has a keen interest in psychotic medicine. He originally went to become a psychiatrist but they couldn’t handle his colleagues and so they went over to medicine.


By the way we use a machine at hyprocrotese now, an electron machine that even the government hades approved which is amazing that reverse 60% of depression and insomnia about 75%.  You will see a lot of the future in this in   that. That doesn’t always help and that doesn’t always work. I say 60% sounds great how about the other 40%.


We don’t know here that’s working or doesn’t work but we do know that’s something is slow. within a year  or two we’re going to know  if you’re the 80% and 20% we’re going  tell you by the way  you’re a  person  your going to be able to reduce  the amount of pharmaceuticals   you take . In some of those people maybe 5-10% of those people you can mix % 5 HTP, phys-neur oils, we make one tests incredibly good for anxiety’s and it’s called life give accelerate. If you get anxious like that it works amazing.


It’s funny to me that I was the first guy that found out that gabber doesn’t really get to the blood brain barriers. It’s great for anxiety unless you put it with aloe. That was like a genius step it took me two minutes to figure it out. I put raw aloe into it and it goes to the blood brain barrier. Boy does it shut off anxiety.


We may also say in 15% of the cases you’re only going to need psychiatric medicine, for the rest of you probably often.  It’s been a pleasure to be with you. Tomorrow we’re going to talk about totally different subjects. It’s nice to be back in London. Thank you everyone for facilitating us.

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