Should You Take Paediatric First Aid Courses?

First Aid SafetyHave you ever considered taking paediatric first aid courses? If you work with babies and small children, it’s important to know how to react in case of emergency. There are many benefits of paediatric first aid training, especially for parents, teachers, nannies and other professionals who work with kids. These classes teach participants how to treat an unconscious baby or a child, how to prevent cross infection, how to administer CPR, and what to do in case of seizures or chocking.


What Are Paediatric First Aid Courses?

Paediatric first aid training focuses on the most important aspects of dealing with medical emergencies. These courses are designed for people who care for babies and children, such as nursery workers, child minders, and school teachers. Participants learn to treat common injuries, handle first aid situations, and perform resuscitation on infants and children.

This kind of training will teach you a range of first aid skills to deal with common health problems such as severe allergic reactions, raised temperature, head injuries, bleeding, seizures, unconsciousness, burns, diarrhea, and strains. It’s recommended to take a fully certified course. A qualified instructor will show you how to carry out the procedures detailed in the course programme and develop new skills.


The Advantages of Taking a Paediatric First Aid Course

Knowing what to do in case of a medical emergency can help you save a life. Paediatric first aid training will give you the necessary skills to deal with infant chocking, broken bones, meningitis and other health problems. You will also learn how to record accidents and incidents, treat spinal injuries, and apply the right treatment for asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, and hypovolemic shock.

Most companies that offer paediatric first aid training provide students with certificates on successful completion of the course. For optimal results, it’s recommended to refresh your skills every 12 months.


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