The Dangers of Mainstream Dentistry

We’re going to stop there and we’re going to open up for questions initially related to dentistry and they we’ll go right on to sex. Anyone in the very back of the room have any questions.


Audience: would it be wise then before deciding to remove the <inaudible> to perhaps go and have a test. I believe there is a place in Chelsea hospital.


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: I can’t address where it is but I’m going to ask my friends here because they probably know a lot more than I do about location but let me say this to you.  First find a very well-seasoned woman or man who is an alternative dentist for far more than ten or twenty years.  You don’t want a newbie. You don’t want a new guy or gal coming along because this is a god way to make some money. I’m not saying all the new ones  are shady but I’m  saying the ones  that have been doing this thirty years ago lets  applaud them and support them . They obviously love what they do or they wouldn’t be doing   for thirty years.


Secondly, those people should be very well equipped to say to you that they even do testing for very little money for example 120 pounds, where they tell you what composite works better in your body. How many of you have had that done? That’s a common test. It’s not that much money.


Audience: not in this day and age. All they do is root fill and take them out


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: we’re talking about private pay. We’re obviously not   going to go down the road of government control and insanity. This is all private pay stuff.


Audience: do understand that I was asking if the test is necessary


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: it is absolutely necessary in 100% of the cases. I would avoid being tested for that because it’s futile. I don’t know if you have the device here, it was outlawed  in America because they didn’t like  what it was causing for people  to  understand  how dangerous these filling were but there  is  a device where they touch the filling and it’s  at a scale from one to ten.


If you have more than one it’s very frightening but you don’t have to have it out today. If you have a    ten they better not let you leave the office. Any of you get alternative dentistry here?


Audience: yes


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: had they use that device on you?


Audience: I don’t know


DR BRIAN CLEMENT:  this was a device that was available. I was fortunate because I had nothing above a three so they took the threes out first, the twos out second and then they did psychic healing on me. All my fillings fell put within six months. I had to go to a real dentist after that and get it all done.


Audience: isn’t it called Gavianni?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: thank you, I forgot. Its Gavianni testing. Have you seen it done?


audience: I  went to an alternative dentist , I paid  for it and then  at the end they said the machine broke down so I didn’t do it .


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: bottom line is, that’s why I revisit by saying many times when you see the world holistic or alternative it means counts. It’s become for the slackers, the lackers, the not so bright, the losers, and the people who couldn’t make often call themselves that. Also caution yourself with the best. Even our mainstream journals of medico recently reported that if you get sick do not go to the most reputable, well known hospital with the guys with the greatest credential because in 100% of those hospitals they have higher mortality rate.


They’re really sign get into the car, drive half way between here and Manchester, knock on the door of a doctor who didn’t go to   Oxford and say please can you treat me. They didn’t say this in writing but what it means is you fatality rate is much less if you see that doctor. Poisoning because he took out within a matter of two or three visits probably about eighteen fillings.


Here are the signs of being in the hands of a good dentist. Let’s imagine that you won’t due to you diligence but you’re wise enough to know that this might hurt you. If you go into a dentist and they don’t you a dam you know you’re in the wrong hands. It’s a big rubber thing that all you see out j of that is your tooth. When the dentist is looking down at you’re in the chair like this, this rubber dam literally covers your entire face of it captures the mercury. It captures any of the garbage coming out of you and all they are able to do is drill because that’s pop through the rubber and they’ll drill the tooth. If they’re not using that you’re not in the right hands.


The second sign that you’re not in the right hands is if they’re not putting oxygen on you. The vipers when they’re drilling, the mercury vipers go up, you inhale them it goes directly to your brain. The fatter your brain is the more it stays up there.


Audience: is the oxygen over your face over your nose?


Be: it can’t be in your face so over the nose. You don’t have to be crats with these people. just sit back and say ” could  you tell me what the procedure is like?” and  if they say nothing about a  dam and nothing about oxygen say ” thank you , I can’t quite see you now ” and go off to the next  one.


The third thing they have to have is if they have brains. This one isn’t a pre requisite because they may want to commit suicide themselves but they may want to have a filter in that room. The wise ones have a filter and   also have the window cracked open in snow storms in January.


Audience: would you recommend Gruella?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: not that I recommend it, you’re going to eat the box of that thing. If you go to a dentist don’t say this is the inquisition. What you say to the dentist is “when you take my fillings out how are you going to do it?” if they don’t say at least two of these three things you now you’re in the wrong hands.  Be polite as a brattish can be, get up and walk out and that’s the end of the show.


What else should you do to prepare to take dentistry? Before you go to the dentist, at least one day before I want you to start to do two things. Stop eating a lot of solid foods. Unless you’re   a diabetic, unless you’re already amnestic or bulimic we’re going to preclude all of you but if you’re just a normal, relatively healthy person we want you to pretty much to go on a fast or close to a fast. We want you to start a day before.


Let’s imaging on Wednesday you’re going to the dentist, on Tuesday you’re not going to eat solid food. if it’s hard for you to fog on  a  juice fast , green juices , wheat grass,  high chlorophyll fast then  at least eat only solids  that day with copies  and large amounts of  water or juice.  that’s when you start to upload a minimum  and we’ll use chlorella because it’s easy to do 30 , 15  in the am and 15 in the pm of these little  chlorella tablets because when we want to take mercury out of people’s body or uranium  or any heavy metal we use chlorella .


When we went to Russia after chinoble we use chlorella to take uranium of out of people’s body. When I get people who have dental problems or mercury toxic poisoning we use chlorella to do that because algae’s do that and chlorella is the least expensive and most effective way to do that. Solange is helpful but chlorella is by far the best way to do that.


If you can do info red sauna. You should do an infrared sauna as often as you can period. I do a sauna 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  Am I toxic? Yes. Not because of my lifestyle because I live on the planet you live on. Every single day I make sure that I spend   a minimum of twenty minutes to thirty minutes in a very hot sauna as I did today at the hotel where I am .infrared is far better. The latest thing we found on that is that infrared I takes 86% more toxins out of your cells than a normal sauna.


For instance you go on a normal sauna and they take your perspiration and they test heavy metals, chemicals etc.  and they get a certain level. When they put you in an infrared the same amount of time when you come out you have 86% more toxins coming out.


Thirdly you should take copies amounts of water. On a daily basis always no matter what for every one pound of body weight you must consume a minimum of a half a pound of pure fluid. If you weigh 200 pounds you need how many ounces of water or juice combinations that day? 100 ounces.


Audiences: litres?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: how many ounces are in a litre? Remember I am an American. They gave us a metric system. We went completely bunkers we had to get rid of it. For six month we said “let’s get back to the English system”. I’m sure the internet or your cell phone hades that you press a button and it compounds out.


Lastly zeolites are something I use on planes. I never get on a plane without zeolites. I open up my mouth, put my tongue up here and spray zeolite underneath the tongue. Zeolite collects all kinds of waste toxins and even biology out of the body. We give it to people who have cancers, bacteria’s, viruses etc.



Everything is advertising in marketing today even the alternative field and more than I would like to admit but that’s what it is. Find the well season thirty year old, if you have a friend that went to them hear the other signs.


audience: this is the whole problem isn’t  is trying to find  someone  reputable to do this  because  w heave gone to the reputable  people  in dentistry and it doesn’t  always work out . Who do you go to?


DR BRIAN CLEMENT: let’s practise what you just said. If you consider the work of somebody who puts malgum fillings and does root canal reputable you’re probably in the wrong lecture today. Main stream has one objective, money. it is not people , health , it’s not current and clear research that is abundantly evident  and if ii van  come here and teach you this tonight and I’m not a dentist , this is available.


there’s  thousands of people  I’m  sure with the internet today that would say I’ve  got cancer after I did a root canal. what we have to do is we have to look at  a doctor, even an alternative doctor the same  way we  would  buying a piece of  clothing. You have to like the person. I know people who  are really good doctors  who I wouldn’t goo to because I don’t resonate   with these people and especially a dentist.


you’re opening up a mouth , this guy or gal is drilling in your mouth and even if they’re not doing chemical treatments  with you, you ‘ve got to like that person.  Don’t be shy to shop these things. I’m very proud of you that you are very civil enough    to have a social medicine system here. In our country, poor Obama has been put through the colds because he’s trying to help people over there but bottom line is don’t get stuck in the social thing. You’re going to have save your money because this is life threatening.


These aren’t bad people. When I was younger and dumber it was a lot easier for me because I used to be angry at the doctors. Then I finally realize that these poor doctors were victims too. they went  to school, they wanted to help people, they have all the right intent then they are given a shit  load of bad information and they literally have one thing  that they’re doing  with ought knowing that they’re doing it which is writing prescription all the time and so they have the right intent.


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