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I was at an advance course in radiology and one of the servants there we were looking at a cat scan and he said “that’s an apical scar, that’s not pathology”.  I don’t know what an apical scar is, do you guys know?  That’s not healthy. Look at this, look at the cortical plate can you see that it’s perforated right here? Here’s an axial view. Look at the cortical plate on this size, it’s in tact. You absolutely cannot find these with digital x rays. Even with a 3D CAT scan if you guys had one within a month you would be able to do this. You can see things you just can’t see anywhere else. Look at the legions here and the ones here. Again you can see how we don’t have the full side view of the tooth, that’s because I’m moving in ND out. That’s because I want to know if the bone and the tooth fit together like this. If they don’t then there is an issue, there’s a problem here.


This is an every close friend of mine. I’m not her dentist, she sees somebody else. she actually came by the office  one day and I said ” let me do a cat scan for you ” and she  let me do that . She is very traditional maiden dentally and medically. She now has another root canal treated tooth. She now has been diagnosed with autoimmune disease and she’s 45 years old. I don’t know if she’s going to do anything about it. It doesn’t hurt she said. Look at this, this is that same patient.  Look at the legion on the distal root. The immersion root has three canals.   What I’ve seen is what I believe for a long time. I’m not sure in my mankind, in my opinion that this is physiologically even possible. I’ve got three canals and immersion root but guess what we still have a failure here.  This is another root canal failure tooth. A woman came in about two months ago and right off the bat I was taking her health history and right off the bat she mentioned to me my daughter who was 4 months old died last year.  I wasn’t   trying to be a psychiatrist but I put my arm on her and  said ” are you still carrying guilt  about that ?” she looked at me and said ” I’m dealing with it I’m a psychiatrist.”  I found out later she got the biochemistry award when she was n medical school. She’s a very bright girl. She went back and did an autopsy on her four month old child that’s dead, she came to the conclusion that her child died because of excessive vaccination. She’s really gotten on the bandwagon. Now she’s also   interested in her own. When she started opening up that door and that window she found like we have found that there’s a whole world out there. when she started getting interested in vaccinations then she started getting interested in holistic  health and she like a lot of us , I don’t know about you but I absolutely believe that the traditional medical model was the correct model 300 years  ago and it took some failures to fund out that it’s not  it.


Here she is right her. Can you see the radio ligancies around those from an apical view, same thing here? This is a patient I think I saw last week. 90% of the patients I can show you something interesting on the CAT scan. its real clear from the very beginning when you look at a cross sectional view it now lets you decide I’ve got some problems I’m going to take this   tooth out, do I want to do a bridge , do I want to do an implant?  Everybody will decide for themselves what they want to do about that but know you’ve got a piece of the puzzle unless you could do an implant if you wanted. In any way you know before you g o in what the issues are. How do I evaluate the CAT scan? Is there radio ligancies? How big is it? How does it compare to other teeth in the same scan? Can ii see it in other views? I like more than one source but sometimes you get one view that is so dramatic that it just nails it. How sick is the patient? How healthy of do you want to be? I don’t have a different criteria for root canal treated teeth. To me they should look as healthy on the CAT scan as a non-treated tooth. I see a lot of cancer patients in my practise and again I’ve seen one patient that hasn’t had a lot of denture. Amira’s belief, we’ve talked about I which is cancer is an infection that thrives in the presence of heavy metal. This patient I’m going to show you had breast cancer, I think she came in last month.  Metastatic legions already to the sternum look at the first molar. I don’t think it’s over I don’t care if she has a metastatic legion to the sternum. I don’t think her life is over. Look at the legions here. Again you have to look for them but they’re there.


Everybody has to decide if this were you wife own you’re going to treat it. I had a patient about a year ago who didn’t really believe in what we do drug in by sister in law with brain cancer. I called the physicians and u Sid “we have some infections found in the CAT scan” and he said to me almost verbatim “let’s not bother, he only has four months to live.”  There will be those people in there that will say that. Actually he would not let us treat. He really never bought into this and he didn’t last 6 months. How would you treat it? A milphonic patient this is that same patient, look at the legions there.  This sis the patient that is would look at in depth. I’ve seen amazing results when the world cavity  s treated as one of the problems there  is no  guarantee what would  you do if it were  you  or your family member . Would you get rid of the infection? Would you try to improve the immune system? I don’t treat cancer. patients  must be  under  the care of a  health practitioner and  that’s not for medical legal  reasons that’s for me personally. Vie had one exception and then I’ll talk about it. It’s always the decision of the patient.  I believe that most illness is an infection of immune break down including cancer. Why do almost all cancer patients I see have extensive dentistry, mercury infection, root canals? The best way to retreat it don’t wait till the boats down. What does that means to you? what that means to me is I  don’t know about  your practise but I’ve seen these cancer patients and  they’re not coming in for me to  treat their cancer , they’re coming in because they found out that there is a connection between oral health and cancer. Why wait until they’ve already got it. What if we would get ourselves and our patients to do all these stuff first. This is the kind of view that we’ll see from a cat scan.


This is a 50 year old patient she came in post or to, her <inaudible> teeth were a little mobile but I wasn’t sure if they were not. She wanted beautiful teeth and beautiful smile, she wanted a full moth reconstruction. I’m not going to go into how and why we would treat this all I ‘m saying sis the more you know to begin with the easier it’s going to make her life. In this case there was a bundle on the top of the nerve. Where is the third molar in this panoramic view? You really can’t see it but look at it over here you might see of somebody has got another. I’ve done at least 6 000 third molar extractions. I just think the chances of that ended up in the middle of the sinus could wreck my morning or afternoon. All it tells me is that beforehand keep me out of trouble. Eagle syndrome, it amuses me how many of it’s I see. 40% of the patients have <inaudible>. Ten days ago we were working goats. that means you got to look at all their   eyelids, you go to trim all of their feet , you’ve got to put them in the head gate and some of them get turned around and when they get turned around  you’ve got to pick them up and get them  out. About four of them got away.  They’re on the ground they’re bout a 110 pounds. I’m jumping on top of those with my son. I told him beforehand I said I’m just going to watch. It took me about ten days for me to be able to walk normally I would be afraid to fall jumping off that thing.


I’ll tell you my theory on this. I think one time they were osteoporotic or what happens is when the body becomes acidic the body pulls mineral from the bone if it doesn’t have enough ninny solution or available to buffer.  When it pulls it out of the bone it gets in solution and then it gets deposited in different areas.  Those will be your calculus formers and those will be your eagle syndrome. There’s nothing I can do about it but it’s kind of cool and fits into our holistic approach. My treatment is I use coral calcium plus aloe vera you can check their. There’s other things we can do but rode what I’m really trying to focus on is just this. All of us that are lecture can lecture on a lot of different things.


I got really involved in sleepabania or airway disturbances a long time ago and haven’t done that in a while. this is an area that is  underdeveloped but it has  the potential for you to look at the airway at this because  if you  hadn’t put their front teeth  together and you get your cat scan and the airways open  it can tell you a lot of things.  Here’s a couple of our Clydesdale and lets change direction for a second. This is why most people buy CAT scan there is no question about it.  You can do some amazing things with this with implants. You can instantly go in and look at the bone from a cross sectional view, an axial view, you can drop a virtual implant into that place see where it will fit.  You can map the infernal v alert, you can look at the sinus, you can look at all of that in seconds or minute. You may want to take more time later but you can do that at any time.  you can plant implants  quickie you can decide  to refer a knot ,  you can  order surgical stamp , you can in the fire connect to a  Sirac and  what I’m waiting for is to be able  to do a surgical stamp on the sire and then tell me that its really coming out really quickly  and reduce impact in he  tory . It’s not a guess work you’ll know if you place an implant what size, diameter you’re going to have. I’ve heard a young guy lecture twice, tells me that he schedules an implant patient fifteen minutes. I’ve actually seen him do it, that’s with a surgical stamp because there is no flap, put the surgical stamp in. I have placed about five zirconium implants in the last three or four months. First couple of times we orders those from Germany it was ugly.  a lot of those things you think ids going to be simple , one of the things that we figured out that you can do is if just a bet registration inside, you get this guide that comes from Serena and you have to attach that to the  teeth and  then you put that in and you take a cat  scan .  This is one that we did with a zirconium implant and it really helped because it makes it so simple.  You know   exactly which angle it’s going to be so you can do some virtual planning.  It’s going to evolve its going to get better.


This is one of or patients that came in, we’ve decided together that we were going to do an extraction on that tooth. She shows up in the office and sys by the way can you put an implant in today. It was not schedule today but look at it, who difficult is that? The nerve is way down here, plenty of room, not a lot of infection.  I didn’t do that very often but it has some amazing ability. if you decide that  implants weren’t for you philosophically  I strongly recommend  that you get a 3D cat scan ,  don’t  do all of them  just do the slam  dunks . Do the easy ones, send the tough ones to your old surgeon out or somebody else.  Lessons learned from a clinical rancher and I’m at heart a good simple herder and rancher but I love all of these stuff.  We are at the start of new technology if this fit your hedgehog concept, get ahead of the curb. Don’t wait till you are the last person on the block to do it.  What do the small legions mean? I sometimes feel like madam Currie. I haven’t seen anything like this   since I’ve been in practise technologically. I’m seeing things that nobody knows what means.  I’m ting to figure it out but this technology is fascinating. I think we need to be more aggressive about what we do. The CAT scan is a great tool for early detection it let us see low grade chronic infections of long standing. Most legions are symptomatic. Like the goat, catch it early, it helps   in case and implant planning, wows the patient, it financial creates an amazing amount of dentistry.


What’s the difference between early detection and prevention?   For me it’s still a moral issue. Early mental detection can be a systemic prevention.   when I was overseas I walked into the  first airborne  camp , no hawks, no doves , all eagles . Most of you don’t know what that means.  What this meant to the 110 first bronzes in this unit is don’t get distracted. We have a mission to accomplish and let’s just be eagles and I firmly believe that this organization stands for that. There is a lot of distractions that I see out there that I see this organization being the forefront, staying focus and taking care of these patients.

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